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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

SUV is the new Trend, Buy used SUV from Shriram Automall and be Trendy !

Indian Auto-Industry being one of the largest industries in the world accounts for 7.1 % of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP),

The sales of Passenger Vehicles (PVs), Commercial Vehicles (CVs) and Two-wheelers (2Ws) grew by 9.17%, 3.03% and 8.29% respectively, during the period April-January 2017.

With the growth specifically in the passenger vehicle segment, Industry now, expects Indian passenger vehicle market to reach four million units by 2020, up from 1.97 million units in 2014-15.
PVs being one of the most competitive segment of the industry in the world, witness quite a shift in its trend with time.

With number of models, in the market to choose, SUVs have powered their way into the Indian passengervehicles industry, accounting for one out of every four new vehicles sold in the market.

With each passing year, this SUV trend is getting even stronger, as manufacturers with advance alterations are focused to bring new models in the market.

SUV trend, which witnessed only 14 % share in the overall passenger vehicle sales in 2010, has now very efficiently crossed 25% share at the end of March this year.

And with the diesel as the preferred engine option, SUV witnessed the sales of over 30% in 2016-17, which was quite remarkable as compared to the total 4 per cent growth in sales of cars.

With the indication that new models and trend is giving us, we can see this segment of the industry to grow on year on year (YoY) basis, as SUV is already a global trend and is now very much liked in India as well.

With every new SUV sold, sales of used SUV go up as well, thereby making Used SUV market to grow along with the New SUV market.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), being the largest and No.1 platform for Acquisition and Disposal of Used Vehicles & Equipment in India, offers the huge inventory of SUVs of every make and model at optimal prices.

Customers can opt for any platform to take home the desired used SUV of their choice. As now, they can even opt for Live Bidding option, at their convenience from their home with their Desktops or through “My SAMIL App” from their smart phones.

So, be economical, be smart, and in low budget buy better used SUV of choice able make & model from ShriramAutomall for long term optimal results.

You can also click the link below for easy registration.


Do you know that India is one of the largest consumers of the energy in the world? 

As per the current stats India is currently the world’s fourth largest consumer of energy, with total energy consumption of 638 million tons of oil equivalent, after China, the United States, and Russia.

Not just that, India is also the fourth largest importer of oil and the 15th largest importer of petroleum products and LNG globally. And we all are well aware of the fact, how these sources of energy pose a serious threat to environmental conditions across the country.

Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are already suffering from excessive pollution due to burning of coal and petroleum in the vehicles. Thereby, making government to take initiatives to promote & encourage adoption of renewable and sustainable energy sources in the country.

Auto-Manufacturers, while playing their part in improving the environment conditions in the country has already started manufacturing and launching e- vehicle/hybrid vehicles which will access on clean energy sources; this also incorporates government’s plans to promote electric vehicles as a mode of transport which are pollution free.

Not just that, to promote the adoption of electric scooters in the country, Indian Government is playing an active role by offering various incentives, such as capital and interest subsidies, viability gap funding, fiscal incentives etc.

Under National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020, government has also introduced a scheme i.e. FAME India (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles in India), which will help in double digit growth of e-vehicles in the country this year.

Under this scheme government will fund up to 60% of the research and development (R&D) cost for developing indigenous low-cost electric technology that will help power two-, three-wheelers and commercial vehicles operating in public spaces and state support to the production of electric and hybrid vehicles will also be increased by 42% in the Budget.

All these initiatives are being implemented to improve the quality of air, in the country and to make Automotive Industry more economical and safe.

“We as a company are glad to see all the efforts and initiatives that government is taking to improve the pollution situation and on-road situation of the country. Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) as a whole, while playing its part in the National Development, look forward to update its inventory with used e-vehicles/hybridvehicles to promote, more sustainable means of transport in India” said SameerMalhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall)

If you are looking forward to buy or sell used e-vehicles, equipment or vehicles compliant with latest government emission norms, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL is the best place to come to. Visit your nearest Automall or download MY SAMIL APP” to go through their latest inventory filled with used vehicles of every make & model. You can also click the link below to simply register yourself.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Why Shriram Automall India Limited over any other Disposal Means

Looking forward to upgrade your current beloved Automotive?

Let’s face it, when the time comes up to upgrade or replace your current used vehicle, we often face the state of dilemma, where we are just no able to decide whether selling are car is a best decision or trading it.

Therefore Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) has come up with the third option that is company itself. Since its inception in 2011, company has very remarkably, while creating a name of trust for itself unfurled 67 Automalls, in every nook and corner of the country.

With an eye for 100% customer satisfaction, company came up with the innovative idea of Physical Bidding in India, and since then has become the No.1 and Largest Platform for Acquisition& Disposal of Used Vehicles and Equipment in the country.

Dealership was considered because of the benefit of being quick, easy, hassle free , but do you know, dealership mostly offer you low selling price ad later sell the same vehicle at higher selling price making the profit for themselves.

Here is where SAMIL comes in, as company offer multiple platforms for selling used vehicles and equipments. One can both place their vehicle in company’s yard for Physical & Online Bidding and opt for Private Treaty Facility, where SAMIL professional team, very efficiently bridges the gap between the buyer and the seller for easy transparent transaction at optimal prices, making both buyer & seller happy.

Where in other vehicle disposal means, customer faces the issue of “No Room for Negotiation”, with SAMIL; customer can even get the valuation for their vehicle, to know the exact worth of their asset and then make the negotiated deals to their best interest.

Company through its exceptional facilities and services has very efficiently made the process of buying and selling pre owned vehicles easier and convenient.

If you as well are looking forward to buy or sell used vehicle and equipment of any make and model “SAMIL”. Download their “My SAMIL App” or click link below to register yourself.

Now Boost Your Fuel Economy in 6 Simple Steps

This summer, travel season is upon us and India is planning to change petrol and diesel prices every day in sync with international rates, like what happens in most advanced markets.

While, with change in rates market is going to fluctuate, before it gets completely stable, and we are going to hear a lot about hybrid and electric vehicles. But let’s face it, not everybody owns a hybrid or electric vehicle, and not everybody is convenient with it.

What if you have a family of 5 or more members; in that case these vehicle will not come in handy for you. And even if you have a family of less than 5 members, with the 12 hour journey ahead of you, you can’t expect members to sit uptight rather than being free while having their space, making their journey more of the torture than fun.

So, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), has brought the tips through which you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient, and also save some bucks for your journey, while being a responsible citizen.

All you have to do is follow these steps:
So, let’s go..!

Don’t Carry Dead Weight

Traveling with excess weight in your vehicle makes your engine burn fuel faster thus degrading your fuel economy, so prefer leaving what you don’t need right where it belongs and i.e. not in your car.

 Use Old Engine Oil

Change the oil in your car according to your vehicles maintenance schedule, and before you leave for the journey ahead of you prefer to change your engine oil, with old engine oil, as age of oil matters when talking about fuel efficiency

 Forget Your Bad Driving Habits

To maximize your fuel economy, you will have to change your petrol/diesel/gas guzzling ways as more steady and consistent your driving becomes, the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be.

 Accept that Cruise Control Won’t Help You

It’s a myth, so don’t fall for it, as you can see it for yourself, set the cruise at 60 MPH and listen to how hard your engine accelerates when you drive up an inclined section of freeway making your engine burn more fuel, than required.

   Keep Tires of Your Car Properly Inflated

Under-inflated tires drastically affect your fuel economy and everybody knows that, so do yourself a favor, and swing by your local gas station and make sure to check your tire pressure.

 Avoid Traffic

Try to following the apps which tells real-time traffic and construction updates right on your phone, as now, you can stop being stuck in the traffic off-guard and be fuel efficient.

We believe this blog  will help you in maximizing the mileage of your car, if you are looking forward to more tips and tricks or to improve your vehicle’s on road worth, visit your nearby Automall, as our professional team will be there to assist you with all types of Automotive requirements.

If you are looking forward to buy or sell used vehicles and equipment click the link below to register yourself.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Are You a Young Driver? Go for SAMIL’s Used Car/Bike

For most young people and their parents, buying the first car is quite a big step. As most teen drivers stand a greater risk of crashing than anyone else on the road, regardless of whether the car is new or used, expensive or slovenly.

I am Pushkar Arora (22); I completed my Second Year 3 months back, and wanted to buy my own car as an upgrade in the next year of college. I learned driving a year ago, and from then I am quite keen to drive my own car.

With time many car models caught my eyes, but my dad never agreed to buy me one. That was frustrating, yet one of the best decisions he ever made for me. As being the young driver, I was quite confident, yet unaware of what driving on crowded streets of Delhi is like.

But my dad was quite aware of this fact and was not at all in favor of either giving me his beloved car or buying me a new one.

So, he introduced me to ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL), the Largest Platform for Acquisition & Disposal of used Vehicles and Equipments in India. At first I was not so happy with the idea of buying a used car, but then he took me to one of the nearby Automall that company has and I was surprised to see the variety they had.

There, they had used cars of every make and model at optimal prices. They even let me inspect the cars thoroughly; some of the models were even hard to be placed in “used” category, as they were in such a good condition.

And also, I got the better model of the car I always wanted in the same budget of the new one. I was happy; satisfied as company’s professional team treated me as the valuable customer and cleared all my doubts I had about the “used cars”. They even helped in completing the required paper work and then handed over the keys of my new “used car” to me.

I was happy, my dad was happy, as he don’t have to worry about the depreciation in its value when we will re-sell it, as value of the used car depreciate quite less as compared to that of the new car.

And I was happy, as I finally got my own car, that too at the optimal price, with good quality as a perk.

So, if you are looking forward to buy or sell pre owned vehicles and equipment Shriram Automall’s team is right there to provide you best of their services while making your experience both easy and memorable. All you have to do is take a step forward and click this link:


In the era, where everybody is looking forward to save few bucks for the future, while enhancing their standard of living. Buying a used car online is a good as well as a smart way to go as it can help you save your money, in several ways.

Used cars are of a great value these days as they last long and as the new car comes out of the showroom it depreciate in price, so used cars often come in good condition at low price.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), No.1 Platform for buying or selling used vehicles and equipment in India, understands how paying a lower purchase price for the same “used” car model rather than “new” is the obvious reason for customers to buy a pre-owned car, therefore company has brought huge inventory of used cars of every make and model in its 67 Automalls sprawling in the country.

Now, by giving its customers further more reasons to buy the “used car”, company has bought application like “My SAMIL APP” and facility like “DESKTOP BIDDING”. So, those customers could buy their desired used car at their convenience at their comfort in today’s busy, hectic life style.

These facilities while boosting the customer experience will also provide best used cars at prices customers will be glad to pay. Let’s check out some benefits of buying a used car online. 

Easy Search

Free and easy search option, as search for your new “Used Car”, goes easy and free when looking online. At your convenience you can easily, download the app or go through the online bidding portal to choose the desired used car to bid on.

  Saves Money and Time

We all know buying a used car, saves money. But, buying a used car saves further more money and time and makes the whole process of buying a used asset much more easy and efficient.
 Reducing insurance costs
Cost of car insurance, is the value of the car and as the cost of used car is low than a newer version, the cost of insurance will also be less.
 Comprehensive and theft insurance costs are likely to be less
As with the used car, you don’t have to worry about it, as some elements of car insurance can be dropped.
 The rate of depreciation over time will be less than the first two years of ownership of a new car
New car’s price depreciates quite faster as compared to the used car. So, you never have to worry about the fall in value of your used car while re-selling it. 
 A buyer may be able to step up to a luxury model for the same price as a new plain version
As in the budget of a new-car you can always go for the luxury used car, which will serve you better, last long and will also fulfill your desire to be the owner of a luxury car.

SAMIL, as a pioneer offer multiple platforms for easy, transparent Acquisition and Disposal of used vehicles and equipment in India. You can also take the benefit of company’s facilities and services through its “My SAMIL App”, by visiting your nearby Automall in person or by simply clicking the link below to register yourself. 


Cabinet recently approved the amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act bill 2016. The bill was introduced with 89 clauses for amendment out of which only 57 were accepted by the Parliament Standing Committee on Transport, headed by Mukul Roy. Major amendment includes linking of driving licence and vehicle registration with Adhaar-based platform and proposes heavy penalties for traffic violations.

Now people are not required to visit the local RTO office to get a learning licence instead they can apply for the same online. The Bill also proposes Aadhaar-based verification for grant of online services including learners licence. This would ensure the integrity of the online services and also stop creation of duplicate licence.

The bill specifically targets traffic offenders with stringent penal provisions. It has also identified priority areas for improving road safety. Stricter penalties are proposed for high risk offences such as drunk driving, dangerous driving, overloading and non-adherence to safety norms by drivers etc.

The bill aims to provide for maximum governance with minimum government. This would help in reducing the harassment faced by the citizens in the RTO offices. A national data base of vehicles and driving licences would help in safety and security and avoid malpractices.

The two major suggestions rejected by the government include registration of vehicles by only RTO and inspection of vehicles by RTO. Once the bill is approved vehicle dealers will be authorised to issue vehicle numbers and register them through an all-India electronic register.

With the new Motor Vehicle Act 2016, we believe that India has set an example for other developing nations to follow where it cares about the life & prosperity of commuters and believes in simplifying rigid practices by ensuring maximum governance with minimum government.’ Said Mr. SameerMalhotra, CEO Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL)

Friday, 26 May 2017

Kanpur Automall Completing 3 remarkable Years of Existence

Shriram Automall (Kanpur), this 28thMay’2017 i.e. Sunday, is going to complete 3 years of its remarkable existence.

The facility is strategically spread across 5 Acres of land giving full access to the people in the area & nearby areas. Being the 12th most populous city in India, area receives huge demand of preowned passengervehicles & heavy commercial vehicles in the area for easy transportation of goods.

Company as its vision to be the largest exchange platform for trading pre owned used vehicle a having tangible physical presence spanning all major cities of India, is committed to total customer satisfaction and continual improvement in performance by providing complete transparency in every transaction thereby building trust, reliability and value for its customers.

On 28thMay’2014, company took the initiative to provide an organized approach to the pre-owned vehicle & equipment market in the area, while bringing a hassle free, innovative bidding  platforms in the area.

Company being the No.1 name for Acquiring & Disposing Used Automotives & Equipment; provide the area with huge variety of required used vehicles to choose from.

Over the years Shriram Automall’s bidding events have become industry’s most talked about innovation. There is nothing more exciting than attending company’s bidding events to buy or sell desired choice of used vehicle or equipment, as company gains a leading edge over its competitors for implementing, the most extensive line up of Used Vehicles & Equipments of all make & models with dedicated team for each segment.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL is the trusted name for optimal and convenient transactions. Visit the Kanpur Automall, on Anniversary Bidding Event, and take home desired used vehicle of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop Bidding Facility” & “My SAMIL App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Skip Weeks of Hassle, and Learn if You Need a Car Repair or Replacement

We all are quite familiar with the fact which says “Everything has an expiry date”, which is true. There comes a point in every vehicle owner’s life, where he/she witness the state of dilemma, and is just not sure if they need a car repair or a car change.

Some owned vehicles do last for a long time but it’s not the case with every vehicle. So, accept the fact, that no matter how well you treat your beloved asset, time and road miles will tend to wreak all sorts of damage and wear on even the best-kept vehicle.

Sooner or later, you will have to make the decision of whether to repair or replace your vehicle.
Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), No.1 Service Platform for Acquisition of Used Vehicles and Equipment has bought the professional insights, which will help you decide if you need a repair or replacement for your vehicle.

Let’s keep going:

Maintenance Cost: Accept the fact that, you need to replace your vehicle, when repairs or maintenance cost more than the vehicle’s worth, and rupees start adding up to your vehicle’s maintenance budget.

Safety: Even the best- maintained old vehicles with time, tend to wear out with time, which increases the potential risk of breaking down while you are driving, which can turn out to be quite risky as well as troublesome. So, when old vehicle of yours start showing symptoms of break down, take a hint and replace your vehicle with the new one.

When Millage Suffers: When  your beloved vehicle, start eating up gas, petrol or diesel, while affecting the mileage, the problem is not fixable as, the older your vehicle is, the lesser  fuel efficient it is.

 Know Your Vehicle’s Worth: Before going ahead, and paying for vehicle repairs, learn what your vehicle is worth. Try to follow the 50% rule i.e. if your vehicle repair cost more than 50% of its worth, it’s time to replace it.

Know What Your Next Vehicle Will Worth: As important it is to learn about what new vehicle you want to buy, it’s also important to learn how much your new vehicle is going to cost you and how you are going to pay for it. As you can always go for disposal of pre owned vehicle at good price to lower the amount you’ll need to finance.

Insurance Cost: Calculate the insurance cost; you will have to pay for your old vehicle compared to a brand-new one, and focus on the difference. If you come to the conclusion where, you don’t see your vehicle worthy enough to spend that particular amount of money, you can dispose it through SAMIL, that too at optimal price.

Change in Lifestyle: If your family has increased or decreased, or you have to commute longer or smaller distances as per the changes. You will have to replace your vehicle with the one which is more suited to your driving habits according to your requirement. 
We hope these insights will help you make the right decision about your pre-owned asset.

You can always visit your nearby Automall, for further more assistance on your owned vehicle. And if you are looking forward to Dispose or Acquire Pre-owned Asset, then also you can visit you nearby Automall, or download ”My SAMIL App” to make a deal at optimal prices, as we have huge inventory filled with latest vehicles of every make and model to choose from. You can also click the “Link” given below for easy and fast registration.


Bharat Stage emission standards, known as BS norms are emission standards, introduced in 2000 by central government to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including motor vehicles.

It’s no new news that India is looking forward to vehicles compliant with BS-VI emission norms by 2020 directly from BS-IV, thereby skipping BS-V. This process of updating automotives from BS-IV directly to BS-VI has put a lot of pressure on automotive manufacturers and oil refineries, which makes them doubtful for the completion of this task on time.

As BS-VI compliance will have far reaching implications for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), especially in the diesel engine segment. The new emission regulations will also make the diesel engine tighter.

Moreover, government is looking forward to collect data on real-time basis from on-road vehicles complied with theses emission standards from 2020-2023, when these norms will be applicable for Conformity of Production (COP).

Till then government, has already approved testing agencies to pick up vehicles, with manufacturers and suppliers consultation to practice these emission norms practically and for normal checks.

 Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), being the largest platform for Acquisition and Disposal of pre owned vehicles in India, while backing up the government decision to make Indian Auto Industry compliant with BS-VI emission norms by 2020, offers huge range of used vehicles of every make and model at optimal range for testing BS-IV.

“We always look forward to work with our work ethics intact, while keeping in mind all the recently amended rules and regulations government has made mandatory, for better and safe on-road driver experience.” added Sameer Malhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall)

Until the new fully BS-VI compliant vehicles comes in the India market, if you are looking forward to buy and sell used vehicles & equipment compliant with latest government emission norms i.e. BS-IV, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL is the best place to come to. Visit your nearby Automall or download “MY SAMIL APP” to go through their latest inventory filled with used vehicles of every make & model. You can also click the link below to simply register yourself.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


In India, driving a truck is the profession which affects Indian economy directly. Government is taking all the necessary steps for the betterment of Road Transport in India while keeping in mind the health & comfort of truck drivers.

As driving a truck is quite a tiresome job, especially for the drivers who drive hundreds of kilometers, during the day regardless of the weather conditions, which can be risky due to the fatigue driving most of the time. 

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) has bought some tips and tricks to boost the driver’s experience during long hours of journey. Being the No.1 service provider of used vehicle &equipment in India, we witness huge footfall of truck drivers in our Automalls, so we understand what they go through on daily basis. So, these hacks are for them to help themselves have a safe and sound journey.

Safety Truck Driving Hacks for Truckers:

      Be alert & avoid phone

Always be aware about everything going around you. When rolling down the highway, especially in heavy traffic, try being aware of who’s in front of you, beside you and behind you at all times. Try to avoid phone, if it’s important park the truck somewhere safe and then get back to the person calling you.

Check weather reports

Prior to departing for the long journey, check weather reports to be ready for all the things that could go wrong on the way as prevention is always better than cure. And also keep an eye on the road to check the change road condition due to change of weather.

Avoid traffic

If you are driving a heavy, loaded truck try to avoid traffic, as any mishap could risk the life of other road commuters around you. And greater the traffic, greater are the odds of an accident.

  Check out delivery spots

While delivering to somewhere new, prefer to get down from your truck and inspect the place on foot, this will give you break as well as will help you learn if the delivering place even have enough space to bring a truck over there.

 Leave room in front of your Vehicle

Always leave space in front of your vehicle, no matter what. It’s understandable that it gets quite frustrating when everyone around you is driving faster than you, but it helps you only to stay out of trouble of hurting someone and severe accidents.

 Be extra cautious at night

Truckers at night should always be extra cautious and attentive as it could be quite dangerous on being on road at night with heavy loads. If you are felling sleepy and distracted, prefer to take some rest and restart your journey after you feel fit for it.

 Change lanes as little as possible

Try not change lanes often, as that could confuse the vehicle drivers around you resulting in collision. If you do find it necessary to change lanes, move over very carefully, being aware of your blind spots, while constantly checking your mirrors.

  Slow down

Yes. Accept the fact that you are not driving a car or a motorcycle; you are driving a fully loaded huge truck. Always take the corners and ramps very slowly. Be upright.

           Use a trucker’s GPS

Use the GPS especially made for you to learn the important information on which exit to take, distance before exit, when to change lanes, traffic reports etc.

 Take breaks and check your rig

Take small breaks, stretch yourself, refresh yourself and take a walk around your truck while giving attention to the detail, check the load you are carrying. If something seems absurd, fix it right there, right then.

SAMIL, while serving you hope for your safe and sound journey. As driving a truck involves a great deal of skill, loads of responsibility for the safety of others and the driver himself and most importantly good common sense as well.

If you are looking forward to buy a used truck, it’s the best choice to make. Find used truck of every make & model in your nearby Automall at optimal prices or simply register yourself by clicking the link given below:



We all know that in our country i.e. India, the demand and requirement of people for easy mobility from one place to another is growing.  And for traffic policy makers, this demand has created a significant stress, as with increase in transportation, environmental sensitivity increase as well.

Government is taking all the required steps, to improve the on road experience of commuters while providing them, the pollution free environment.

So, now while taking one step ahead, government has decided to implement bus body code AIS: 052. This code seems to have missed two deadlines i.e. of April’2010 and April’2015 but Union transport ministry appears to be quite serious this time.

This bus body code will ensure that buses are built as per stipulated standards related to safety, design and comfort. To demonstrate their capabilities to build buses as per the safety standards set by ARAI, CIRT and ICAT, every bus manufacturing unit will have to obtain accreditation certificate according to this code.

This new order code might not be acceptable to bus builders and operators, but it would be a great relief to passengers. As if this code gets implemented, Passengers can except to have a safe and relaxing journey, as they will have wider relaxing seats, more leg room, low steps and much more to ensure comfortable journey.

And manufacturers will also have to look forward to not using the poor material they use which then becomes the reason of accidents, and to look after changing the design which results in poor journey, extreme heat, intolerable vibration, noise and poor safety standards.

As operators demand for low-cost vehicle has resulted in poor poorly engineered designs and faulty fabrication practices which bring passenger safety in question. But now all bodybuilders, who want to stay in business, will have to submit an assessment for accreditation by a National Accreditation Board (NAB). RTO approval will also be dependent on this.

The motor vehicle department has already amended the central motor vehicles rule 125C (accreditation of bus body builders), thereby introducing the code for the same.

Due to unavailability of facilities, government was not able to implement this rule, in 1st October’2014, when it was supposed to replace with the new sub-rule 125 (1). But, now government is all set to go to improve the passenger mobility experience in buses.

“I am glad to see the way government is moving forward, keeping in mind both the health of passengers and environment, I myself, look forward to be a responsible citizen and play a part in Indian Economy. While following all the rules and regulations, I will make sure that all the customers that visit Automall regarding their used Automotive requirements, get services compliant with new rules and regulations ” said SameerMalhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall)

Visit Shriram Automall today if you need to buy a used car/bike/commercial vehicle, equipments etc. compliant with new emission norms and other rules and regulations, of your choice at the most optimal price.  You can also click the link below to go through the inventory full of used vehicles and equipment. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Looking forward to buy a Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), but are not able to do it due to the high prices that these light weight vehicle has?

We are here to help you. As you need not to worry about the finance to buy LCV anymore. Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), 100% Subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company, is The NO.1 and The Largest Service Provider for Acquisition & Disposal of UsedVehicles & Equipment in India. 

As we understand that, generally Light Commercial Vehicles are mostly used by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and sometimes by the end users and dealers, for whom it’s not every time possible to just go & buy a LCV of their choice due to its high prices. Yet, they can’t just overlook the fact of their requirement.

As LCV in the Indian market are quite essential, LCV market sector being the working tool of B2B nature is quite prominent in a way, that it indicates the health of the country's economy. LCV in India performs the ever-increasing role of moving goods and services at local and regional scales.

With increase in demand of these types of Commercial Vehicles, the manufacturers have started producing products that are technologically reliable and advance. But that, sure as hell do increase the cost of these products which is not affordable to the consumers at the hour of the need.

So, Shriram Automall provides good quality used LCV that looks like new, at optimal prices for its customers. As “Today’s New, becomes Tomorrow’s Used” for us. That’s the reason we have the vast inventory of latest LCV of every make and model in our 68 Automalls that are present in every nook and corner of the country.  Not just that customer can visit there nearby Automall anytime and inspect the desired used vehicle they want to buy until they are completely satisfied to buy the required asset.

 They can even download “MySAMIL APP” and can go through the available inventory at their comfort and convenience.  

They can close the deal through any of the transparent bidding platforms that we offer:

  •       Physical Bidding
  •       Online Bidding
  •       Desktop Bidding
  •       Private Treaty    

Customer can even look forward to the professional assistance at every step of the deal, as our SAMIL Team is always there to help you and serve you. While understanding the fact that buying a used LCV can be a big investment for some customers to make at once, we also provide the finance facility for the same.

Customer can apply for the finance option at less rate of interest, and our SAMIL Team will help him/her with easy documentation process.

So without any financial constraint, come and be the owner of your own used Light Commercial Vehicle required to boost your business at prices less than you expect.

Visit your nearby Automall soon, to start the process or click the link below for simple and convenient registration.

Monday, 22 May 2017


image source - www.tvsmotor.com

Two wheeler segments, the largest in demand segment of automotive industry, faced quite a dip in its demand post demonetization.

Though, it has been 4 months, since demonetization happened, still two-wheeler segment was nowhere to see any rise in its demand  as compared to the last year. This shows that two wheeler segment was affected at its worst by demonetization, especially because of post demonetization affect.

Due to demonetization and its post affect, even the largest two-wheeler makers in the country, suffered a decline, Hero Motocorp suffered the decline of 4.8 % in February, while TVS also witnessed a drop of 3.6 % in the same month, compared to last year.

But, with government push towards the rural schemes, this segment is keeping an optimistic approach and hoping to see the growth in near future again. As the situation is becoming normal, according to reports, in the upcoming quarter, two-wheeler companies will notice the rise in the demands of the bikes.

As Bharatiya Janata Party member, Arun Jaitley in his budgetary speech publicized the amount for rural agricultural & allied sector development which is going to be Rs 1, 87,223crore.

The government will also reduce the tax rate of 10% to 5% for the salaried class whose salary comes under income bracket of 2.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs. As an addition, government is also taking steps towards its commitment to double farm incomes by 2020.

With all these factors coming into effect, two wheeler segments is hoping to see a growth in its demand with the growth in livelihood of people in the rural area. Year on year (YoY), auto industry has witnessed decent growth in sales.

With new models coming in, this segment is going to see a robust growth soon not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well. 

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For the people who are fond of riding a bike or have a bike, are not unaware of the fact that riding a bike is fun and fuel efficient.

But also Bikes/Motorcycles can be quite dangerous; in fact they are indeed dangerous as compared to cars. So, one should always be aware while riding a bike if he/she loves his/her life. As cold truth is motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a crash than people in a car.

Therefore, we at Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) assume that one can never learn to ride a motorcycle completely, as there is always something to learn whether you are a fresher or have been driving a bike for ages.

We don’t realize it, but most of the motorcycle accidents are preventable, and even in unavoidable wrecks, there are precautions that can help reduce the severity of injuries.

So, let’s go over the Safety Tips and tricks one should never take for granted!

        Wear a Quality, Full Face Helmet

No matter what, never ever forget to wear the Helmet, before riding the Bike, even if you are going to some nearby destination. As you never know, what might be waiting for you? So, always be one step ahead, as prevention is better than cure!

Don’t Drink & Drive

If you are drunk, simply don’t drive & if you have to drive simply don’t drink. As Alcohol slows your reaction time and messes with your judgment. Fun is not more than life, and you poor decision of driving while you are drunk can not only mess up with your life but also turn other road user’s world upside down.

Eyes Of the Skies

While taking the long road trips, sometimes your mind drifts as long hours of driving can be quite hectic and tiresome for both car and motorcycle drivers. But, Car drivers still can afford a little mental vacation while driving, but bike rides just can’t and so they shouldn’t. Therefore, they should use their SEE (search, evaluate, execute) strategy to keep their minds engaged on short or long trips.

Avoid Flip-Flops & Short sleeves

Road on which motor vehicles are driven are quite rough and can cause severe injuries, if just in case you met an accident. As you already know that motorcycle crashes almost always result in some sort of injury, be it minor scrapes, or compound broken bones and sometimes even gaping flesh wounds. So, it’s better to take care of yourself than being scared for life.

 Inspect before you, Intersect!

In most cases, drivers of passenger vehicles violate the motorcyclist's right of way and, as a result, cause the collision, which can be quite dangerous. So, you better be alert and assume that a passenger vehicle driver might not give you enough space to pass through, so don’t hurry and ride defensively, as this way, you could dodge a really large, wheeled bullet.

 Practice to Deal with Panic Situations

If you find everyone driving safely and friendly on road, then driving a motorcycle can be quite an easy task. Otherwise, you often have to dodge other vehicles to avoid a wreck. And in India, there are minimal chances of having a chance to drive on the road where there are safe and friendly drivers. So, practice emergency Braking and Steering at your best for your Road Safety.

 Try to wear Neon Clothes

While driving at night, prefer to wear clothes especially made for motorcycle riders, as that would make you more visible to your fellow road commuters.  So, make yourself as visible as possible and also consider installing a motorcycle headlight modulator on your vehicle.
As being Seen, is being Safe!

Stay Slow

At highways, catching up with the thrill of riding a Motorcycle might be fun and thrilling but really not safe. So, Slowing down and remaining at the speed of the traffic around you is a great strategy for survival.

 Keep tab of your Tires & Bikes

Make a checklist, and check for all the required parts of your bike that you simply can’t afford to fail while you are on road like brakes & tires. Take your bike for regular servicing and always be in check before you hump on it for safe travel.

 Ride a bike, only if you are in right senses

Riding bike needs awareness and eye for on road detail, and if you are feeling very distracted, emotional, sick or just tired, you're better off driving your bike today, as your distractions and lack of awareness on road, can turn out to be a disaster for yourself, as well as other road commuters.

Shriram Automall, hope for your safe and sound journey, here is the sum up of things to keep in mind while riding a motor vehicle.

·         Wear a Helmet
·         Look Twice Before Turning
·         Educate Your Fellow Passengers
·         Watch the Weather
·         Leave Enough Space
·         Avoid Distraction
·         Ride Within Your Skills & Don’t Be a Hero
·         Protect Your Feet
·         Get the Right Gear
·         Take a Motorcycle Safety Course For Further Assistance

                                    Riding a BIKE, is an art- Ride Free, Ride Safe!