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Friday, 29 March 2019

Things to Look Out For While Acquiring A Used Automotive

Automobile industry in India is consistently enhancing its dimensions with a boom in the pre-owned cars segment. The last few months have showcased a tremendous growth in the sale of used cars in India. While people shifted their preference from new cars towards used cars, India began to ride on luxury at an affordable price.
With the Automotive market, changing rapidly, and with the growing demand and need of the automotive in the country, used automotive market is expanding as well. As every new vehicle sold, becomes used for this market.
In quest of setting some incredible benchmarks in this arena, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) addressed the growth through transparent bidding platforms which further lead to building a strong association with the customers
In order to strike best deals while purchasing a pre-owned car in India, company has brought following points to keep in mind.
·         While purchasing a used car, make sure you pick the latest option out of the lot. There are various people who dispose their car immediately after few month of purchase. In fact, many sell their car even before its warranty period expires.
·         Do not hesitate and get lazy in carrying out an extensive research on your choice. Do look for any sort of complaint filed against the pre-owned car that you choose. This research can be carried out online as well.
·         Once you are sorted with the research, do not forget to do the physical inspection of the used car. Do check out its condition in order to avoid expenses in future.
·         Service records of a used car also play an important role in arriving at a wise decision. Always look out for a well-maintained service record which actually acts as proof for its better condition.    

Buying a used automotive only brings you profit that too at the prices, you will be glad to make a deal out of. If you as well are looking forward to buy or sell a used vehicle & equipment Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), is the best choice to make. Visit your nearby Automall or simply click the link below to register yourself.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Learn if You Need a Car Repair or Replacement

We as a whole are very acquainted with the reality which says "Everything has an expiry date", which is valid. There comes a point in each vehicle proprietor's life, where he/she witness the condition of difficulty, and is simply not certain in the event that they need a vehicle fix or a vehicle change.
Some used vehicles do keep going for quite a while however it's not the situation with each vehicle. Thus, acknowledge the reality, that regardless of how well you treat your adored vehicle, time and street miles will in general unleash a wide range of harm and wear on even the best-kept vehicle.
At some point or another, you should settle on the choice of whether to fix or replace your vehicle.
Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), No.1 Service Platform for Acquisition of Used Vehicles and Equipment has brought the expert bits of knowledge, which will enable you to choose on the off chance that you need a fix or replacement for your vehicle.
Pointers to keep in mind:

1. Maintenance Cost: Accept the way that, you have to replace your vehicle, when fixes or upkeep cost more than the vehicle's value, and rupees begin signifying your vehicle's support spending plan.
2. Safety: Even the best-kept up old vehicles will  wear out with time, which builds the potential danger of stalling while you are driving, which can end up being very dangerous just as troublesome. In this way, when old vehicle of yours begin appearing of stall, really try to understand and replace your vehicle with the enhanced one.
3. When Millage Suffers: When your vehicle, begin gobbling up gas, oil or diesel, while influencing the mileage, the issue isn't fixable as, the more established your vehicle is, the lesser eco-friendly it is.
4. Know Your Vehicle's Worth: Before feeling free to pay, for vehicle fixes, realize what your vehicle's value is.
5. Know What Your Next Vehicle Will Worth: As critical it is to find out about what new vehicle you need to get, it's likewise essential to figure out how much your new vehicle is going to cost you and how you are going to pay for it. As you can generally go for transfer of pre-claimed vehicle at great cost to bring down the sum you'll have to fund.
6. Insurance Cost: Calculate the protection cost; you should pay for your old vehicle contrasted with a new one. If you reach at the resolution where, you don't see your vehicle sufficiently commendable to spend that specific measure of cash, you can arrange it through SAMIL, that too at ideal cost.
7. Change in Lifestyle: If your family has increased or decreased, or you have to commute longer or smaller distances as per the changes. You will have to replace your vehicle with the one which is more suited to your driving habits according to your requirement. 
We hope these insights will help you make the right decision about your pre-owned vehicle.
You can always visit your nearby Automall, for further more assistance on your owned vehicle. So if you are also looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle or equipment at optimal prices, visit your nearby Shriram Automall today.
You can also click the link below for convenient registration.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Shriram Automall - 8th Founders Day Celebration

Over 12,000+ Customer Footfall Witnessed at
80+ Shriram Automall Platforms on 8th Founders Day Celebration

26th February 2019: On the occasion of 8th Founders Day Celebrations, SAMIL conducted 80+ bidding events across the country, creating a new milestone of being a first ever company to organize such a large scale event in a single day. Company displayed over 10,600+ vehicles & equipment for disposal.
The event was attended by over 12,000+ people from tier 1, 2 and 3 cities across the country. Huge line-ups of multiple segments including passenger, commercial vehicles, two wheelers, three wheelers, agricultural and construction equipment grabbed the attention of many, as it served as the OneStop Solution for all types of used vehicles and equipment requirements on PAN India basis. 
On the occasion, Sameer Malhotra, CEO, Shriram Automall, said, “It's been 8 years of trust, reliability, loyalty, understanding and faith our customers has showed in us.
Since day one, we have aimed to provide the best solutions and service to our customers which will further improve as we have grown to become the largest online marketplace for used vehicles and equipment transactions through CarTrade Exchange Online Bidding Platform. We are also the leading inspection & valuation company providing reports in 2 Hrs turn-around time through Adroit Inspection Services Private Limited."

To celebrate the big day in the grand manner, Company also gave its esteemed employees a chance to spend "3Days and 2 Nights International/ Domestic" through a lucky draw. Out of total bidders 3000+ Winners were announced all across the country.

Company's 8th Anniversary Celebration was a grand success and garnered immense love and support from one and all. Shriram Automall since its inception in 2011 has attained remarkable heights and following table elaborates the same.
Unique Bidders
Awards and Recognitions
Bidding Portals

If you are the interested buyer or seller, you can also click the link below to go through company's vast inventory and to register yourself for free, or download My SAMIL Mobile App for the most convenient experience at your comfort.
Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://www.samil.in/MobileApp