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Friday, 29 September 2017

Shriram Automall Providing Used Commercial Vehicles Commercially!

Commercial Vehicle manufacturers and government, while making efficient changes in upcoming models, look forward to improve the on-road experience of drivers along with their safety. Through these effective measures, India has now become the 5th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world.

Thereby Indian commercial vehicle (CV) market which has already surged over the past decade is now able to foresee the growth at CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) in near future.

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL), Largest Platform for Acquisition & Disposal of Used Vehicles and Equipment in India, while playing its part in National Development, help used commercial vehicle segment to grow. As company make sure to provide commercial vehicles of all make and models available for customers all over the country at optimal prices.

Company’s used CV lineup includes everything from day cabs and box trucks to dump, refuse, tanker and sleeper trucks. Not just that acquiring a used commercial vehicle from SAMIL is also cost saving, which means you can afford a top brand you wouldn’t be able to if it were new while acquiring the used one.
 Another perk is the lower rate of depreciation. Like cars, once you drive a new truck off the lot, you instantly lose about 20% of its value. But by acquiring the used one, depending upon the age of the vehicle, you may still be able to get the benefits of newer technology and better fuel economy.
Even with so many pros to offer SAMIL understands it isn’t always easy to find the right used CV in excellent condition. Thereby Company offers the huge line up in all of its 70+ Automall facilities across the country. There with a good visual and mechanical inspection, you can quickly learn whether a used commercial vehicle justify your value for money or not.

So, don’t wait or you might miss the chance of acquiring the right one for yourself.

Visit your nearby Automall today or download our very own mobile app “MySAMIL App” to learn more about us and our inventory. You can also through Live Bidding Platform acquire the choice able used CV from the app.

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Learn Why Shriram Automall’s Live Bidding Events are one of the kind!

 Technology now days is getting advanced at a robust speed. In the technologically driven world Shriram Automall India Limited has brought the Live Online Bidding Events for its customers, using which they can participate in the event on real time basis with Physically Live Bidders from anywhere and everywhere.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Shriram Automall Helping Truckers Grow their Business/Fleet!

If you’re the owner of a small trucking business, you know it’s tough to compete with larger fleets. The obvious advantage of more trucks often means that they can offer more aggressive pricing, hire drivers more quickly and generally leverage their size to deliver faster. So what can you do today to grow your trucking company to compete with the big guys?

Here are four things you can do right now that will put you on the path to smart growth:

Step 1: Build your fleet

The first thing you need to do to grow your company is to get the right kind of equipment. Shriram Automall through its inventory available in every nook and corner of the country offers best in class used trucks of every make and model at optimal prices.

Step 2: Financing

Most truckers run into a hurdle when they try to get used vehicle & equipment because they require financing. Securing financing can be difficult.

But with SAMIL you can acquire your desired used truck without any second thoughts as company being the 100% subsidiary of India’s leading NBFC – Shriram Transport Finance Company provides finance facility at easy EMIs.

Step 3: Commit to providing the best service available

As the entire country knows SAMIL consider its customer’s perception their Reality. Thereby company provides innovative services that are targeted to solve all types of used vehicles and equipment requirements in the country.

 You as well to grow your business or fleet, let your customers know that you care about them and while committing this to them, offer them your best services.

Step 4: Truck load boards or freight boards

Finding shippers and loads is the toughest part of running a trucking company. SAMIL as a company witness many owner-operators who look for loads using a load board on daily basis. This approach has some advantages, since the load board allows you to choose loads that match your equipment and your preferred routes.

We hope this blog as well as our inventory to help you out for any and every transport business you are looking forward to expand. Be it Owner/Operator trucking, Taxi Hiring, Moving van business, Food Trucking Business, Livestock transportation, Medical transport etc. we offer used vehicles and equipment of all types and models.

So, visit your nearby Automall to acquire the one you need or download our MySAMIL Mobile App to learn more about us while going through our inventory at the comfort of your home.

Visit Shriram Automall to Acquire the Best Used Trucks!

The Leading Name in the used vehicles & equipment industry is the No.1 Service Provider of used automotives through most innovative bidding platforms in the country. To Acquire the best in class used trucks & deals, visit your nearby Automall today. You can also go through our esteemed inventory from the comfort of your home through our very own MySAMIL Mobile App.

Monday, 25 September 2017


Looking forward to bridge the gap and making a deal directly with a person while buying or selling the pre-owned vehicles and equipment. You can stop looking as you finally are looking in the right direction.

ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL) is the company with 4 Limca Book Records for being the Largest Platform for pre-owned vehicles & equipment exchange in India.

Company provides a specialized SAMIL platform which aims at facilitating negotiated deals by bridging the gap between the buyer and seller. This platform caters high-value or bulk asset transactions & is mostly preferred by international customers. As it caters to big ticket value thorough both online/offline modes.

Customers all over the country visit their nearby Automall on daily basis, to choose from the vast collection of vehicles and equipment SAMIL has to offer. Company’s Automalls very successfully keeps updating their inventory with all the latest vehicles and equipment. Their wide range of quality vehicles that too at affordable prices is what makes it last stop for both disposing and buying pre-owned vehicles.

Company also offers plethora of allied services, one of which is valuation, using which you can learn about the true worth of your beloved used vehicle.

With such kind of facilities SAMIL always find an edge to be the no.1 platform in the market as their team works in a result oriented culture and their supply and quality of pre-owned vehicles & equipment match the need of customers.

With so many services to choose according to customer’s convenience striking a deal through Private Treaty is the one facility in which you can directly make a deal with the buyer from anywhere in India at negotiable prices.

 Once a suitable quote is approved you can also opt. for the finance service right from the company. As company is the 100% subsidiary of India’s leading NBFC – Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC).

So, if you are looking forward to buy or sell pre-owned vehicles and equipment Shriram Automall’s team is right there to provide you best of their services while making your experience both easy and memorable. All you have to do is take a step forward and click the given link to register yourself or to download MySAMIL App.

Mobile App - https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Monday, 18 September 2017

Shriram Automall (MANGALORE) – 1st Anniversary Event

On 13th September’2017, SAMIL’s Mangalore Automall completed its 1st year of success emerging from hard work and dedication towards its customers. Company is going to celebrate the Anniversary on 20th September’2017.

The Automall when inaugurated was the 7th facility in the Karnataka State and in line with the aggressive expansion plan of the company. It was the 61st Automall of the company in the country. Now company has expanded its reach to 70+ Automalls serving customers everywhere from the nook & corner.

Spreading across a sprawling 5.5 acres of land, the Automall is located at one of the most prime locations on the National Highway 66. The Automall works as a complete solution provider to the pre-owned vehicles and equipment related needs of transporters, contractors, dealerships, manufacturers and individual buyers in the area & nearby areas.

People from across the locations of Udupi , Kundapura, Puttur, Hassan, Shimoga and Mangalore etc. regions have been  reaping benefits of Shriram Automall’s Holistic services and unique platforms for easily acquiring and disposing used vehicles & Equipment since 2016.

Company through its Mega Anniversary Event, aims to reach out to more and more customers, while fulfilling their desired vehicle requirements at optimal prices.

SAMIL has always walked an extra mile to add a smile on its customer faces. Thereby Automall also assists the traders with financing and insurance options, as well as provide services for repair & refurbishing the vehicles. As an add-on facility, rest rooms for travel-fatigued truck drivers and cleaners are also offered.

The Automall facility is further utilized for holding vehicle events periodically. It also houses Shriram One Stop, a computerized touch screen kiosk which is a virtual Truck Bazaar, providing real time information about used commercial vehicles available in the inventory.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, visit the Mangalore Automall, on 20th September’2017, and participate in the special bidding event to take home desired used vehicle of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop BiddingFacility” & “My SAMIL App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Friday, 15 September 2017

New 70th Esteem Shriram Automall’s Facility coming in Guntur!

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) is India’s Most Trusted Platform for Exchange of Used Vehicles & Equipment in a Transparent & Organized Manner. Company through its remarkably innovative services has created a renowned name for itself in the country and now while expanding its reach company has decided to inaugurate a well structured Automall facility in Guntur.

Facility would be the 70th Automall of the company in the country which will be sprawling in 5.3 Acres of land.

Guntur is a city within the Andhra Pradesh Capital Region. Company understands that the city is the third most populous settlement in the state with a population of 743,654. Thereby has come up with a facility that will cater to all types of used vehicles and equipment demands in the area.

The city is known for chilli export and has the largest chili market yard in Asia. Shriram Automall will focus on providing the best in class used commercial vehicles to help the export business to grow even further with the robust speed.

As the local transport preferred by the city commuters include, privately operated auto rickshaws, cabs, mini-buses, company will aim to meet the demand and with commercial vehicles being the center of focus, to satisfy the need of used passenger vehicles, two & three wheelers, construction and agricultural equipment of every make and model in the city.

Automall will provide complete access to customers in Guntur and nearby regions to take benefit of the most remarkable bidding platforms in the country.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL (Guntur) is going to be a trusted name for optimal and convenient transactions just like its other 69 Automalls and 150+ bidding locations.

Visit the Guntur Automall, on 22nd September’2017 (Inauguration Day), and participate in the special biddingevent to take home desired used vehicle of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop BiddingFacility” & “My SAMIL App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Thursday, 14 September 2017

SAMIL Along With STFC Creating the Onestop Destination for Pre-Owned Vehicles & Equipment!

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL), the name of trust and reliability, is the 100% subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC). STFC is one of the largest asset financing NBFCs in India with a niche presence in financing pre-owned trucks and Small Truck Owners (STOs).

India is known to have the biggest automobile markets and also is presently the leading one when growth is concerned. The passenger and commercial Indian automobile industry is among the top ten on global scale of its kind.

Ratio of used automotives to that of the new ones being 1:1 has encouraged SAMIL to create a name for itself in the market. With the vision to be the largest exchange platform for trading pre-owned vehicles having tangible physical presence spanning all major cities of India, company is committed to total customer satisfaction.

Now, with STFC very successfully SAMIL has created a market place well known as Onestop Destination for used vehicle and equipment transactions along with services like Finance.

So, now you cannot only acquire the best pre-owned vehicle of your choice from best in class inventory of Shriram Automall, but can also acquire the easy Finance facility from STFC for convenient buy.

Company being the No.1 Platform for used automotive transaction understands that choosing the right loan provider is just as important as finding the right pre-owned vehicle. Therefore, company along with STFC aims to make it as easy as possible to purchase an affordable used vehicle or equipment at the best EMI tenure.

Company offer great used vehicle or equipment loan interest rates. Therefore now Shriram Automall is the answer to all your doubts and queries. As at the Automall you can both acquire for your desired used vehicle or equipment and finance facility all along.

So, what are you waiting for visit your nearby Automall soon. You can also click the link below to register yourself or to download company’s mobile app.

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Eco-driving can cut up to 25% of your fuel bill. Let’s talk how?

According to the investigated data, by adopting an eco-driving style, drivers can slash both their fuel bill and their emissions by as much as 25 % compared with ‘normal-average’ driving behavior.

Fact is small changes to the way you drive can have a big impact on fuel economy. People go to extraordinary lengths to save money but then they jump in their cars and waste fuel. Through eco-driving they can avoid that.

Poor driving habits can reduce fuel efficiency of your vehicle. As buyers purchase fuel efficient vehicles in large numbers to save cost and benefit the environment; however, few know that good driving habits are the best way to economize.

Let’s go through some simple tips that can help you be a greener, more fuel efficient driver:

Drive Smoothly

Aggressive driving such as fast acceleration, speeding and braking can decrease your fuel mileage significantly. Therefore accelerate smoothly, brake softer and earlier, and stay in a single lane while it's safe to do so.

Slow Down

Speeding consumes lots of fuel. By driving 90km/h instead of 100km/h, you can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10-15 %. Also, try for a constant speed.

No Idling

Today's automotives don't need a warm up. Start the car quickly and gently to drive away. Don't leave your car idling. Extended idling will increase emissions and waste fuel.

Remove Unnecessary Cargo

Reducing the amount of luggage you keep in your boot or back seat can increase your fuel efficiency as less energy is needed for acceleration.

Reduce Aerodynamic Drag

Your vehicle is designed for excellent aerodynamics. If you spend lots of time travelling on the highway or are planning a long trip, try to carry extra items inside the vehicle or attached to the rear. Also, by keeping your windows and sunroof closed can lower wind resistance. You will have less drag and better fuel economy.

Only Use A/C on the Highway

Your fuel economy decreases by up to 15 % when you utilize the air conditioner at low speeds. So if it isn't too hot, turn off the air conditioner when driving around town, and roll down your windows instead. However, at 90km/h or higher, using the air conditioner is favored compared to open windows.

Use Cruise Control

Initiating your cruise control keeps you from mindlessly driving faster thereby maintain a constant speed, and won't use additional fuel while accelerating. Try to set your cruise control at your vehicle's most fuel-efficient speed, as long as it's at or below the legal limit.

Combine Trips

Many short trips will use more fuel than a single, longer trip. So when you have to drive for chores, get as many completed as you can in one trip to increase your fuel economy.

We hope this blog to be both knowledgeable and beneficial for you. If you want to acquire a used automotiveor equipment with better fuel efficiency, visit your nearby Shriram Automall. As company offers the best in class used vehicles and equipment of every make and model at optimal prices.

Click the link below to register yourself or download SAMIL’s mobile App.

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Monday, 11 September 2017

Why Shriram Automall for Pre-Owned Commercial Vehicles

Do you need a pre-owned truck? Head straight to Shriram Automall Physical Bidding Events, our bidding events are like automotive supermarket where you can choose and buy the one you like from a number of options. Every week thousands of people visit our Automalls to buy their desired used truck.

Here are the top reasons people choose Shriram Automall over all others:

1     CHOICE – As India’s largest service provider for transactions of pre-owned commercial vehicles & equipment, Shriram Automall sells every make & model of trucks including HCVs, MCVs, & LCVs. With 68 well structured Automalls all over the country & a bidding event at almost all days of the year we are sure you will find the pre-owned commercial vehicle of your choice at our next event.

2     SERVICES – At Shriram Automall we do not only deal in pre-owned automotives but also offers a full range of services that make buying or selling your vehicle easy. From financing to refurbishment to documentation to parking and insurance under one roof. This makes Shriram Automall your OneStop destination for all vehicles & equipment requirements.

3     CONVENIENCE – we believe in making easy for you to find, inspect and buy used vehicles & equipment you need, during our bidding events or online through www.samil.in. Find your desired vehicle, inspect it online or visit the yard for a physical inspection for a complete peace of mind. Compare, select and place your bid at your convenience

4      CONFIDENCE – Shriram Automall is in the business for transactions of pre-owned vehicles & equipment since 2011 and in a short span of time the company is trusted by Millions of people around the country. It has bagged 15 national awards for its services & platforms. Our customers show utmost confidence in our bidding platform which offers them transparency & complete peace of mind.

Head over to your nearest Shriram Automall now to buy pre-owned vehicle or equipment of your choice.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Best Re-sale Value Cars in India!

Everybody knows India is a country where generally every owner before acquiring a car makes sure to learn its maintenance cost, resale value, mileage and such other factors, which is indeed is a smart move. As many consumers do think about the resale value of the vehicle owned by them and retaining their vehicle after using for certain period of time.

To elaborate Shriram Automall IndiaLimited (SAMIL) understands that. Thereby Company is best known for providing the No.1 used vehicles & equipment transaction platform in India, and through this blog it offers to let people know the best Re-sale value cars that they can acquire or dispose at their nearby Automall.

Here is a list of cars that one should buy with great resale value.

Toyota Innova

The popular 7-seater MPV by the Japanese automaker, Toyota tops the list of the best resale value cars in India.

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R
The Wagon R is one of the most successful under Rs. 5lakh hatchback by Maruti Suzuki.

       Maruti Suzuki Swift
    The Swift is second product by the auto giant Maruti Suzuki to have the highest resale value.
    Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

Initially, Dzire was referred to as "Swift with a boot," but now the Dzire sedan has carved its niche in the market.

Hyundai Grande i10
The feature loaded replacement to Hyundai's Santro, the Grande i10 comes equipped with efficient engines and decent driving dynamics, along with a wide array of features.

  Honda City

The Honda City is in great demand for its cabin space, engine performance and social reputation.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
Another offering by the Indian automaker Maruti Suzuki is a highly practical, 7-seater MPV - the Ertiga.

  Toyota Etios
In India Toyota Etios is admired for its brand reputation, looks and engine performance.           

Mahindra Scorpio
The Scorpio is the most loved SUV among urban as well as rural buyers.

Renault Duster

The reasons behind the popularity of Renault Duster are: its sporty styling, robust suspension setup and practicality, apart from the high resale value.

If you are interested buyer or a seller of the used vehicle, feel free to opt for the amazing transaction platforms of SAMIL to buy any of the used Utility Vehicles. You can both visit your nearby Automall or download “MY SAMIL APP”, to get in contact with the professional team.

You can also click the link below for easy and convenient registration & our team will contact you, to serve e you.

Download Mobile App From Here - https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Tuesday, 5 September 2017


Private Treaty as a platform facilitates negotiated deals for individual & bulk requirement of pre-owned vehicles and equipment. 

SAMIL offers high-value or bulk asset transaction on this platform and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers. The company ensures to maintain complete transparency at every step of the association and all bids are recorded online. 

Be it a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we ensures a convenient selection and disposal of pre-owned vehicles andequipment. In this ever-evolving age of competition, we gain an edge through our trustworthy relations with our customers.

Understanding the process & how to be benefitted through it:

  • Once a customer approaches SAMIL for the disposal of his pre-owned vehicles or equipment, the same asset is uploaded on the company’s website which observes a great number of visits & views every day.

  • Based on the pre-owned vehicle and equipment uploaded on the website, a bidder can show interest by using process and registration form.

  • The prospective bidders need not to get any registration done. They only have to submit RSD amount of Rs. 19,999 or 10% of the vehicle cost, whichever is higher. 

  • Once a quote is approved, the bidder is supposed to fill a Proxy Bid Form.
Customers can easily get In touch with a SAMILIAN to get the best deals out of the box for used trucks and otherpre-owned vehicles anywhere in India. Simply explore the range of available options at bids.samil.in & place a proxy bid to win the vehicle in the comfort of your home.

Have a look at other interesting ways to dispose your used truck here - http://shriram-automall.blogspot.in/2015/07/shriram-automall-gives-ultimate.html

SAMIL is OneStop destination for all used vehicle owners where they can dispose their per-owned vehicles & equipment at the same time you can acquire used pre-owned vehicles at the best price. 

It offers the widest & the most extensive line up of pre-owned automotives to its customers. It does offer a simple & Do-It-Yourself bidding process where being active is the only way to emerge as a highest bidder. 

Along with the above mentioned services SAMIL also offers other allied services like new look, refurbishment, parking, documentation etc that makes it a holistic auctioneer for pre-owned vehicles & equipments in India.

Monday, 4 September 2017

We Are Hiring

“Shriram Automall India Limited is seeking a professional with 3–7 yrs experience in training. Could it be You?”

Shriram Automall to Inaugurate 69th Automall Facility in Ratnagiri on 12th September’2017!

Ratnagiri is a port city on the Arabian Sea coast in the southwestern part of Maharashtra, India. The district is a part of Konkan division of Maharashtra.lj

Area receives heavy rainfall throughout the year resulting in abundant growth of rice, coconuts, cashew nuts, and fruits (majorly mangoes) in the alluvial valleys. And due to city’s existence on the Arabian Sea coast, fishing industries are quite important there.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), India’s most trusted service provider for exchange of used vehicles & equipment, understand the demand of commercial vehicles in the area for import/export purposes.

Thereby company with an aim to provide most organized pre-owned vehicle & equipment services in the area is now going to inaugurate its 69th Automall there.

Automall will provide complete access to customers in Ratnagiri and nearby regions. Thus fulfilling their pre-owned vehicle requirements in an organized manner

Over the years SAMIL’s bidding events have become industry’s most talked about innovation. There is nothing more exciting than attending company’s bidding events to buy or sell desired choice of used vehicle or equipment, as company gains a leading edge over its competitors for implementing, the most extensive line up of Used Vehicles & Equipments of all make & models with dedicated team for each segment.

This new Automall will be strategically located making it easy for everybody in or around the area to take benefit of the most remarkable bidding platforms in the country.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL (RATNAGIRI) is going to be a trusted name for optimal and convenient transactions just like its other 68 Automalls and 150+ bidding locations.

Visit the RATNAGIRI Automall, on 12th September’2017 (Inauguration Day), and participate in the special bidding event to take home desired used asset of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop Bidding Facility” & “My SAMIL App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Download Mobile App From Here - https://goo.gl/BMpnCf