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Monday, 26 February 2018

Things to Keep In Mind to Avoid Being Hurt by a Deploying Airbag

The airbags on all modern cars and trucks are housed behind panels marked SRS, which stands for Supplemental Restraint System (or Safety Restraint System). At a minimum a vehicle will have an SRS enclosure in the steering wheel, and behind a panel on the passenger side of the front seat.

Objects in a car have mass, speed and direction. If the object, such as a person, is not secured in the car they will continue moving in the same direction with the same speed, even when the car stops abruptly due to external force, which sometimes can cause serious injuries to the passengers within. Airbags help prevent those injuries during sudden collision.

In a crash, your vehicle's air bags could potentially save your life, yet there is a down side. As useful as airbags are in keeping us safe during a collision, they can also be a significant hazard, both during a crash and at other times. 

Thereby you have to follow some basic safety rules to keep you away from getting injured, as airbags are very powerful and they deploy very quickly, and with a lot of force.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) has bought the life saving tips that will help you protect yourself from being injured by the airbags that are technically designed to keep you safe.

I. Always wear your lap and shoulder safety belts.
II. Sit as far away as you can from the steering wheel or passenger side dashboard.
III. Always try to keep an adjustable steering wheel tilted down in a level or parallel position.
IV. Hold the steering wheel at the 9 and 3 o’clock or 8 and 4 o’clock positions as this will prevent  your wrists or arms being broken or forcibly hitting you in the face when an airbag deploys.
V. Position your thumbs on the top or outside rim of the steering wheel.
VI. NEVER place children under the age of one in the front seat.
VII. Move the passenger side front seat back as far as possible
VIII. Take care that children are secured into an approved child passenger restraint system.
IX. Use rear facing infant car seats for infants as they are the safest

We hope to have helped you, so be safe and drive safe as. Also, try to be aware and don’t let a safety tool turn out to be life threatening for you.

If you are interested in acquiring and disposing used vehicle or equipment, feel free to visit nearby Automall or download “MySAMIL Mobile App”, to get in contact with the professional team.

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Saturday, 24 February 2018

PAN India Celebrations for SAMIL’s 7th Business Anniversary

26th February'2011, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) - The largest used vehicle and equipment transaction platform of India came into existence.

Over the period of time, SAMIL has become the leading and the most trusted name for customers all across the country, for each and every used vehicle and equipment demand. From 1st Automall in Chennai, company has very efficiently marked its presence in the entire country by establishing 73 Automalls till date in every major - minor city of the country.

SAMIL came to India with an aim to organize the most unorganized used vehicle market in the country, and while doing so company became the only platform in the country offering innovative Physical Bidding as a mode to acquire and dispose used vehicles and equipment at utmost transparency.

On 26th February'2018, SAMIL is going to complete 7 years of remarkable existence in the market. As a celebration, company will organize 70+ physical bidding events across the country aiming to achieve the target of 70Crs. in a single day. The company will also launch its all new SAMIL E-Wallet for utmost customer convenience.

Since day one, company has been best known for providing the best solutions and services for its customers. That's how in the market full of highly occupied conservative and unreliable trade practices, SAMIL has successfully created a name for itself through completely transparent trade practices.

So, don’t miss out on the big day and visit any of your nearest Shriram Automall in India, to be the part of the 7th business anniversary celebration (26th February'2018). SAMIL will showcase best in class inventory of pre-owned vehicles and equipment of all makes and models. Also the company will ensure an unparallel customer experience where no one will go empty handed. A lucky draw is also organized where 7 lucky customers will win exciting goodies.

You can also click the link below to go through company's vast inventory and to register yourself for free, or download My SAMIL Mobile App for the most convenient experience at your comfort.

Link: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Friday, 23 February 2018

From April 1, BS-VI Fuel to Be Available - Supreme Court

On 21st Februray'2018, government told Supreme Court, how it has met the deadline of making BS-VI fuel available in the country, two years prior. Cleaner Euro-VI petrol and diesel would be dispensed at all retail outlets in the National Capital from April 1. After covering NCR, the government intends to make BS-VI grade fuel in the rest of the country.

The government decided to switch over to BS-VI grade fuel directly from BS-IV skipping BS-V, as in India, number of registered vehicles in the national capital crossed the 1-crore mark in May last year, raising the further concerns over pollution levels and poor traffic conditions in the city. Data put out by Delhi government’s transport department put the number of registered vehicles in the city at 1,05,67,712 till May 25, 2017, including 31,72,842 cars. The biggest chunk of registered vehicles in the city is motorcycles and scooters (66, 48,730 units), which are known as major polluters due to poor emission standards.

With BS-VI emission standards coming in and being implemented for all segments, the particulate matter in the norm will reduce by 82% and nitrogen oxide (NOx) by 68%; PM and NOx emissions from two-wheelers will reduce by 89% and 76%, respectively; and PM and NOx emissions from trucks and buses will drop by 50% and 89%, respectively.

Further according to Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), BS-VI fuel would bring down sulphur content by five times from the current BS-IV levels i.e. 80% reduction will be witnessed. Also, the moment current fleet will upgrade to better fuel quality, the difference would be felt. But the maximum benefit will only be felt when the automobile technology is advanced to support BS-VI fuel.

Till vehicles technologically advanced to support BS-VI, become available in the market, you can acquire used vehicle of any make and model compliant with BS-IV, supporting BS-VI fuel from Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL).

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Automall near to you today and acquire your desired used vehicle compliant with BS-IV emission norms at optimal prices. You can also click the link below to register yourself and download company’s mobile app.

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Improving Your Vehicle's Fuel Efficiency Is Now Simple, How? Let's Read!

We all know how in India, petrol and diesel prices keep fluctuating in order to sync with international rates, just like every other advanced market in the world.

Not just that we all are also well aware of the fact how limited these resources are, that’s why Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), has brought the tips through which you can make your vehicle more fuel efficient.
All you have to do is follow these steps.

1. Avoid Carrying Dead Weight
Traveling with excess weight in your vehicle makes your engine burn fuel faster thus degrading your fuel economy, so prefer leaving what you don’t need right where it belongs and i.e. not in your car.

1     2. Use Old Engine Oil
Change the oil in your car according to your vehicles maintenance schedule, and before you leave for the journey ahead of you prefer to change your engine oil, with old engine oil, as age of oil matters when talking about fuel efficiency.

       3. Forget Your Bad Driving Habits
To maximize your fuel economy, you will have to change your petrol/diesel/gas guzzling ways as more steady and consistent your driving becomes, the more fuel efficient your vehicle will be.

        4.Accept that Cruise Control Won’t Help You
It’s a myth, so don’t fall for it, as you can see it for yourself, set the cruise at 60 MPH and listen to how hard your engine accelerates when you drive up an inclined section of freeway making your engine burn more fuel, than required. 

1     5Keep Tires of Your Car Properly Inflated
Under-inflated tires drastically affect your fuel economy and everybody knows that, so do yourself a favor, and swing by your local gas station and make sure to check your tire pressure.

1      6.  Avoid Traffic
Try to following the apps which tells real-time traffic and construction updates right on your phone, as now, you can stop being stuck in the traffic off-guard and be fuel efficient.

 We believe this blog helped you, if you are looking forward to more tips and tricks or to improve  your vehicle’s on road worth, visit your nearby Shriram Automall, as our professional team will be there to assist you with all types of Automotive requirements.

If you are looking forward to buy or sell used vehicles and equipment click the link below to register yourself.

Shriram Automall – One Stop Destination for Acquiring Used Tractors

Since 1961, when tractor manufacturing started, the industry has grown at the phenomenal speed in past 5 decades to record the manufacturing of over 3 lakh units per year.

Indian agricultural market is growing with a remarkable pace, and now with government support it is expected to record a major boost. New union budget also focus around farmers and rural economy with the launch of Operation Green of Rs 500 crore, an increase in MSP for Kharif crops by 1.5 times and Rs 200 crore for the rural road, to make import- export easy.

With government taking all the necessary steps to help the rural agricultural sector grow, we can see ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL) - The largest used vehicle and equipment provider in the country, playing its part in helping the sector.

SAMIL through its advance, innovative services gave attention to this sector and small farmers while assisting them about what’s good for them & what’s not! Company provided them complete assistance through innumerable transparent platforms while helping them to evolve their lives for good.

In spite, of having number of sources dealing in same segment SAMIL become the no.1 choice of its customers, through its transparent approach which bounded customer’s trust in their new advance approach of buying & selling used tractors for its target audience.

Through its mega Automalls in every corner of the country, company serves a large customer base in this segment at the personal level. SAMILIANS in the laymen’s language deals with customers and provides them financial assistance to buy used Tractors, agricultural equipment etc. of their need & choice to enhance their work experience.

Company opens the gate of their huge inventories, stuffed with variety of used vehicles & equipment of different brands for both interested buyer & seller who can inspect vehicle and choose what suits them best through their diversified bidding platforms.

Not just that, Shriram Automall also provides services like private treaty which bounds customer to visit their inventory again & again to get the best customer experience of all time.

So, if you as well are looking to buy or sell any type of used vehicle & equipment SAMIL is your one stop trustworthy solution, which with transparent negotiable deals through different platforms will provide you the memorable customer experience.

All you have to do is click this link: 

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Acquire Best in Class Premium Trucks from Shriram Automall

It’s no secret that premium pickup trucks are now becoming a hot-selling commercial vehicle in the Indian market. With the change in characteristics of infrastructure, vehicle ownership, and truck drivers, the industry can now witness increased preference change of truck market & players towards beyond low-budget trucks day-by-day.

The changing needs & preferences has urged for the demand & development of new kinds of trucks. These trucks are much more like premium trucks also known as ‘value trucks’ as compared to the basic economy trucks which were at a time the necessity for survival.

One other reason, of course for the growing demand of premium trucks is their simple utilitarian structure – it’s a ready-to-get-to-work vehicle, with a wide-open bed for hauling all manner of gear, typically sporting four-wheel drive for off-road operation, along with the ability to tow big loads, too.

This changing attitude towards the market has created major demand in the market for value trucks. ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL) being the leading name in the industry with its vast inventory of used vehicles and equipment of every make and model fulfill this major demand at optimal prices.

And as the ratio of new commercial vehicles to that of the used ones is 1:1 in our country, we suggest you to go for the better used model of commercial vehicle in the same budget. As by opting for used you can save yourself a lot of bucks and free yourself from rates being depreciated after your big buy.

So, visit now to acquire the used commercial, passenger, two-wheeler, three-wheeler vehicles and agricultural, construction equipment you desire.

You can also go through SAMIL'sinventory by downloading MySAMIL Mobile App or simply by clicking the link below.

LINK: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Meet Shriram Automall at the Asia's Largest Motor Show - Auto-Expo2018

India’s largest service provider for exchange of used vehicles & equipment, Shriram Automall India Limited is coming in Auto-Expo 2018 which is scheduled to be held between 9th to 14th February' 2018 at the India Expo Mart Limited (IEM) in Greater Noida.

With close to 40 exhibitors, this year’s Expo promises something for everyone - from hardcore auto enthusiasts to serious car buyers. This is the event where attendees get a chance to get up close and personal with new and upcoming cars, bikes, scooters, trucks, buses, electric vehicles (EVs) and radical concepts that offer a peek into the future.

Shriram Automall for the 3rd time is coming to this major event. From previous 2 years, SAMIL's stall has been the most talked about innovation at the Auto-expo. This year with the same zeal company is looking forward to showcase its platforms and allied services at Hall No.4, Stall No. E32E. Company is planning to zoom in the Dummy Biding Events at the show.

It is for the first time in a 12 month period when Passenger Vehicle Market in the country topped 3-million-unit mark. Thereby by conducting dummy bidding events at the show, company will showcase how conveniently transparent is the procedure of acquiring used passenger vehicles of every make and model is. In doing so, company will help the audience to win exciting goodies by engaging them in organized dummy bidding events at 12:00, 3:00 & 5:00 pm all days along.

As the leader in the used vehicles and equipment industry, SAMIL has played a crucial role over the period of 6 years, providing the industry an organized approach garnering trust of millions of people and as a result generating major demand all across the country.

Being a platform that caters to the need of every type of used vehicles and equipment requirement, Shriram Automall’s bidding platforms & allied services like parking, valuation, refurbishment, finance, insurance & documentation comes in handy for everyone.

So, don’t out on all the fun that Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) will bring in Auto-expo 2018 along with its most valued platforms and services and mark your calendar now.

Click To Join Our Event Page:

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Monday, 12 February 2018

More than two-dozen electric vehicles to be showcased at Auto-Expo 2018

The Asia's biggest motor show - Auto Expo 2018 is coming in Greater Noida from 9th - 14th February'2018, and along its bringing almost 24 electric vehicles from various auto manufacturing companies. The electric vehicles from various segments including bikes, scooters, cars, sports cars, sports utility vehicle, buses and mini trucks will be displayed at the event.

At first, the Delhi Auto Expo used to be all about small, affordable cars targeted at first-time buyers. Then, as customer preferences changed, India’s only automobile show started featuring big, bulky sports utility vehicles (SUVs) aimed at an upwardly mobile, aspirational class.

Now with changing trend it is set to change again. The 2018 Auto Expo next month will see a marked shift towards electric cars and vehicles that run on other eco-friendly technologies. The launch of these vehicles at the show will also give a glimpse to the road-map of the auto industry in coming years in India.

Automakers are shifting their medium- and long-term focus away from diesel and petrol engines as the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government pushes for an all-electric fleet of vehicles on the country’s roads by 2030.

India’s largest service provider for exchange of used vehicles & equipment, Shriram Automall India Limited will also be coming at the show. For the 3rd time company is coming to this major event. From previous 2 years, SAMIL's stall has been the most talked about innovation at the Auto-expo. This year with the same zeal company is looking forward to showcase its platforms and allied services at Hall No.4, Stall No. E32E.Company is planning to zoom in the Dummy Biding Events at the show.

So, you better mark the dates, as you really don’t want to miss out on the Asia's largest motor show.

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One-third Of the Passenger Vehicles Comprises of Utility Vehicles!


Passenger vehicle sales in India rose by 8.63% in May, mainly driven by strong sales of utility vehicles.

According to data released by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), domestic PV sales rose to 2, 51, 642 units in May 2017 from 2, 31, 640 units in the same month last year.

Car sales in the domestic market rose by 4.8% to 1, 66, 630 units last month as against 1, 58, 996 units in May last year.

This is up from just under 25% in the same period previous year. In the first 10 months of this financial year, passenger vehicle sales hit 24, 25, 911 units, up 8.13% over the year-ago period.

The UV share in the overall passenger vehicle pie remained more or less the same for nearly a year in 2016. In April-October 2015-16, UVs comprised just over 20% of the overall passenger vehicle sales riding on the back of several just-launched successful products like Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza that followed.

Two years on, the segment has jumped by 700 basis points (100 basis points = 1%) as more mass market and premium carmakers join the UV rush. As more and more new SUV models line up for India debut the SUV share is expected to go up around 40% of the market.

Since ratio of used passenger vehicles to that of the new passenger vehicles is 1:1. Used passenger vehicle segment is witnessing a robust demand as well. Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) the No.1 Used Vehicle and Equipment Provider in India, through its extensive line up is the leading service provider.

So, to acquire a used passenger vehicle which will showcase your style, visit your nearby Automall today. You can also click the link below and register yourself.

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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Auto Sales Result for the First Month of Year2018

The first month of a new year always brings in good tidings and it is no different for 2018, though with Union Budget FY2018-19 coming in, it has been a mixed result for vehicles of all segments.

In the passenger vehicle market, rise in vehicle prices at the start of the year has turned out to be a speed breaker in the sales. Close of last year had witnessed hefty discounts on offer in the market as car makers vied with each other to exhaust old stocks.

The country’s largest passenger car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India posted a single- digit growth of 5% in the domestic market.

Two wheeler Market on the other hand witnessed a sales boost and further The Government announcements in Budget 2018 are expected to accelerate rural demand for the segment.

Commercial vehicle market in the first month of New Year 2018, listed double digit growth. The largest manufacturer in the segment -Tata Motors’ clocked domestic sales of 39,386 units, an uptick of 38% compared to 28,521 units recorded in January 2017.

Three-wheeler market saw a step up in Januray2018. TVS Motor Company witnessed an uptick demand of 81.6% to 8,806 units. Also in the three-wheeler market, M&M has made its place selling 4744 units (3058 units) in the month under review, up 55%. It is expected to get a further leg up with the new Budget 2018.

As ratio of Used Automotive to that of the New One is 1:1, Used Automotive Industry is also on the road towards growth. So if you are looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle or equipment at optimal prices, visit your nearby Shriram Automall today.

Shriram Automall IndiaLimited (SAMIL) the No.1 Used Vehicle and Equipment Provider in India, through its extensive line up is the leading service provider.

You can also click the link below for convenient registration.

Link: www.samil.in
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Friday, 2 February 2018

Auto-Budget 2018 to Boost CV Sales and Infrastructure

The infrastructure sector that expected continued thrust from the government towards revival of investment cycle in the form of further increase in budgetary allocations towards infrastructure sector with focus on roads, railways and urban infrastructure has received investment allocation of Rs 5.97 lakh crore during FY19, according to the union budget 2018, up by over Rs 1 lakh crore from the ongoing fiscal.

The finance minister has expressed confidence in completing the construction of 35000 km of highways under the Bharat Mala project with highway construction to exceed 9000 km by end FY18. These initiatives are set to generate demand for commercial vehicles and construction equipment for transporting goods and construction material. Also, high allocations for infrastructure are expected to be positive for tipper trucks.

Besides, as part of the agriculture market infrastructure fund, Rs 2,000 crore has been earmarked for 22,000 agriculture markets and rural roads by 2019.

The Budget has earmarked Rs 2.04 lakh crore for the Smart City Mission with 99 cities selected for development in FY19, about 10 cities to be developed into iconic tourist destinations to attract more visitors.

Further, 147 projects have been sanctioned under the Namami Gange programme for FY19 with 47 projects having been already completed for cleaning the Ganga waters.

All these varied projects will help push shipment of vehicles not only through roads and highways but other modes of transportation as well.

The 2018 budget demonstrates a very significant push on infrastructure; including rural infrastructure, automotive sales boost, as well as for immediate job creation as well as supporting long-term employability through education and skill development.

Budget while pushing the sales of new commercial vehicles is expected to robust the demand for used commercial vehicles, construction and agriculture equipment as well.

‘The focus of government to revive the infrastructure of the country clearly shows their emphasis to add a strong push on the ongoing brilliant automotive industry. Though we expected something for e-vehicle as well but overall we are happy about the 2018-19 budget and hope that it continue to focus on our industry as it adds significantly in the country’s GDP.’ said Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO Shriram Automall.

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) - The largest service provider of used automotives in the country is certainly expected to record the major sales, as company through selective best in class inventory for used vehicles and equipment of every make and model is best known for serving major demands in every nook and corner of the country.

If you as well are looking forward for acquiring or disposing any type of used vehicle or equipment, visit your nearby Automall today or click the link below for convenient and free registration.

Link: www.samil.in
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National Toll-Free Number to Report Road Accidents on National Highways to Be Launched Soon!

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is soon expected to launch a national toll-free number for people to report about road accidents on national highways (NHs) and to register complaints regarding the operations and maintenance of the NHs.

The helpline number is to be "1033", which will be launched on in the first week of February. The aim behind launching this toll-free number is to provide quick and timely medical treatment to accident victims, by taking him/her to the nearest hospital. NHAI is also collaborating with state governments for the deployment of ambulances along highways exclusively for road users.

The 1033 helpline has been conceived with an idea to provide a "one stop solution" for highway users for any emergency or non-emergency services.

How the toll-free number will work?

Once the toll-number operators received a call about an accident or any other emergency situation, the information would be relayed to the nearest operation centre for action, which could range from dispatching an ambulance or sending a crane to the site for rescue operations.

The Indian Highways Management Company Ltd (IHMCL), which is a subsidiary of NHAI, has also completed the process of the mapping of the entire NH network via the geographic information system (GIS). This is expected to help the call centers manning the phone lines to better locate the callers and to transfer the calls to operators fluent in the local languages. 

Almost 30% of road accidents in the country are reported from the National Highways and more than one-third road fatalities even though they constitute only about 2% of India's total road network.

Government is taking all the essential steps needed to make the on-road experience of commuters both safe and convenient. So let's play our part and follow traffic rules, stay updated with all the new regulations coming in.

If you are looking to acquire a used truck with all the safety features intact of any and every make & model, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is the OneStop Solution for you. Visit your nearby Automall to see for yourself or click the link below to register yourself and stay updated with all the latest automotive trends/news.

Link: www.samil.in

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