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Friday, 29 December 2017

December So Far Going Great For Car Sales!

According to auto finance companies and car marketers, December so far is turning out to be a “very good retail month” with upwards of 10% growth clocked already and better numbers expected in the last week of the month.

The numbers are better this year because of the higher discounts and lower interest rates, as the aggressive discounts and low interest rates are paying off.

Typically a large chunk of monthly sales are concentrated in the fourth week of every month and thereby December itself is no exception. But in the first three weeks of the last month of the year, the retail trends have been very good riding on promotional packages and low interest rates. As they have already represented 10% year on-year growth compared to last December.

Not only for mass market brands but also luxury badges which seem to have bounced back from the cess setback, recorded a positive growth. The increase in cess from September onwards affected consumer demand in the luxury segment and also the October sales. In November - December, the sales however got back to earlier estimates. Additionally influenced by the fact that consumers usually like to advance their purchases in anticipation of price hike from January, overall industry is witnessing an upward sales moment.

The other factor that has helped in rising sales is the auto finance rates, which have been coming down consistently over the past two years, have now hit rock bottom, being the lowest in over 10 years.

Last year due to demonetization, December wasn’t that good of the month for auto sales. But now we can see it making up to the losses industry struggled with.

Since ratio of used commercial vehicles to that of the new commercial vehicles is 1:1. Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) the No.1 Used Vehicle and Equipment Provider in India is witnessing a robust demand for used vehicle as well.

Company through its extensive line up, serve every type of used vehicle and equipment demand in the country, thereby is the leading service provider.

While providing deals for every pocket, company anticipate its customers demand and serve them the best. So what are you waiting for? With easy finance facility along with other customer oriented services, acquire your dream used vehicle or equipment now!

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Link: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

You Soon Might Have To Remove Bull-bars From Your Car!

The government’s Ministry of Highways and Road Transport (MORTH) has just banned bull-bars on cars and SUVs running on roads of India. The ministry has sent out a letter to the transport commissioners of all the states of the country, urging them to act against those vehicles running bull-bars.

The ministry is urging to take the action as bull bars posed a danger to pedestrians as well as occupants, and were in violation of the Motor Vehicles Act. The Act prohibits owners from altering a motor vehicle in such a manner "that the particulars contained in the certificate of registration are at variance with those originally specified by the manufacturer".

The ministry has also indicated that bull-bars are illegal according to the Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act. It has also pointed out that using bull-bars on vehicles attracts penalties under the Section 190 and 191 of the Motor Vehicles Act.

If this law got through, the ones not following it will attract a fine of Rs 1,000 for the first offence and Rs 2,000 subsequently. Thereby it's advisable that if you have a car or SUV equipped with a bull-bar/bull-guard, it is advisable that you get it removed at the earliest. Bull-bars/bull-guards may protect your vehicle’s bumpers from minor scrapes but they have multiple disadvantages, some of them very dangerous to your personal safety, and safety of fellow road users like cyclists, two wheeler riders and pedestrians.

ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL) hopes this blog to be of your help. For more such blogs, visit us at https://www.samil.in/. We are the largest used vehicle andequipment transaction platform in the country. So, with New Year approaching, if you are look to acquire used vehicle or equipment of any make and model, visit your nearby Shriram Automall today. We have 70+ well structured Automall facilities and 150+ bidding yards across the country.

You can also register yourself or download our app from below links for more convenience and ease.

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Shriram Automall Transforming Young Future!

Keeping in mind the need for a skilled workforce in near future, Shriram Automall IndiaLimited (SAMIL) distributed 125+ Scholarship cheques during the inauguration event of its 73rd Automall in Hassan on 18th Dec 2017.

The importance of education is something that most of us comprehend and value. But in recent times, the significance of talented, innovative and hardworking people has increased tenfold owing to an immense number of opportunities that are popping up in the world today.

Company understands that, thereby through such initiatives it aims to be a great motivating drive for the progress and development of students who do not have access to adequate financial resources for educational endeavors.

Cheques were distributed by SAMIL in association with Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC) and Shriram Foundation distributed by Mr. Umesh Revankar, MD - STFC, Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO - SAMIL and Mr. Sudarshan B Holla, Zonal Business Head Karnataka – STFC.

Without a doubt, event had a great impact on students, for them it changed in realms of education, as boosting their self-confidence; company very efficiently made them understand how they are the future driving force of the evolving India.

Company being the No.1 platform for used vehicles and equipment transaction in the country, while anticipating its customer's requirements for used vehicles and equipment has made social responsibility its paradigm responsibility.

Not just scholarships, company also understands the need of making country greener and cleaner. Thereby through 70+ Automall facilities spanning across India, company not only fulfill all type of used vehicles & equipment requirements of people but also promote “Plantation of trees”, by planting a tree on the inauguration day of the facility itself.

Company has even installed, ETTPs (Effluent Treatment Plant) for pollution Control, so, that waste water which industries generate could be treated first, before its discharge in the environment.

SAMIL as a company is taking all the essential steps, to make both its in office and outside office environment a better place to be in. You as a citizen should play your role as this good deed is not only for us, but for the generations yet to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Plant more trees, encourage your children to pursue studies and to learn more about Shriram Automall, visit your nearby facility. Till then if you desire to acquire a used vehicle or equipment, visit SAMIL at https://www.samil.in/ to go through the vast inventory available. 

You can also register yourself or download company's mobile app by clicking the link below:

MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

The Newly Amended Motor Vehicles Act Bill Will Change The Way India Drives This Winter!

Motor vehicles including, automobiles was first introduced in India at the end of 19th century. And to regulate their use 1914 Act was the first to be codified which had 18 sections under it. Later, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 was introduced which regulated all aspects of road transport vehicles including both transport and non-transport vehicles. The Act provides details of legislative provisions regarding licensing of drivers/conductors, registration of motor vehicles, control of motor vehicles through permits, special provisions relating to state transport undertakings, traffic regulation, insurance, liability, offences and penalties, etc.

To exercise the above legislative provisions Government of India created Central Motor Vehicle Rules in 1989 and made sure that all the rules under the Act are enforced. With evolving times, government of India keeps updating these rules to provide on-road safety to the citizens of the country.

Now, in winter 2017 The Motor Vehicle Act (Amendment) Bill 2017 proposes imposition of hefty penalties on auto companies which manufacture faulty vehicles. The Bill also seeks statuary guidelines for cab aggregators and a 10% annual increase in penalties for traffic rule violations.

 The Lok Sabha had already passed the Bill in April this year, now it will go in Rajya Sabha. Bill   
would help meet the UN mandate to reduce road accidents up to 50% by 2020.

Other Details:
• Aadhaar will be mandatory for getting a driving license and vehicle registration. 
• For deaths in hit-and-run cases, the government will provide a compensation of Rs 2lakh or more to    the victim's family. Currently, the amount is just Rs 25,000. 
• In traffic violations by juveniles, the guardians or owner of the vehicle would be held responsible        unless they prove the offence was committed without their knowledge or they tried to prevent it.     The registration of the motor vehicle in question will be cancelled and the juvenile will be tried       under the Juvenile Justice Act. 
•  Driving without a license will attract a minimum fine of Rs 5,000 as against Rs 500 at present 
•  The minimum fine for drunk driving has been increased from Rs 2,000 to Rs 10,000. 
•  The fine for rash driving has been increased from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000. 
•  The fine for over-speeding will go up from Rs 400 to Rs 1,000-2,000. 
•  Not wearing seatbelt would attract a fine of Rs 1,000 as against Rs 100 at present. 
• Talking on a mobile phone while driving will attract a fine of Rs 5,000, up from Rs 1,000. 
• It will be mandatory to alter vehicles to make them suitable for especially abled people. 
• Motor Vehicle Accident Fund will provide compulsory insurance cover to all road users in India for    road accidents, fire as well as acid attacks. 
• Contractors, consultants and civic agencies will be accountable for faulty design, construction or        poor maintenance of roads leading to accidents. 
• A time limit of six months has been specified for an application of compensation to the Claims       Tribunal with regard to road accidents. 
• The Bill will remove the cap on liability for third-party insurance. The 2016 Bill had capped the       maximum liability at Rs 10lakh in case of death and Rs 5lakh in case of grievous injury. 

Government is playing its part for pollution free, safe and secure India, but laws alone cannot secure the country until every man present in the country follows them in an organized manner.

So, let’s come together and help government to work towards the common vision. For more such updates and informative posts visit Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) at https://www.samil.in/.

While doing so you can also have a look at the best in class inventory of usedvehicles and equipment of every make and model, that company has to offer.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below:

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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Why Shriram Automall is the OneStop Destination for Acquiring Used Tractors?

Indian tractor market has come a long way as volume growth in past 4 decades show a CAGR of 8%, despite seasonal vagaries, plummeting and boosting, tractor demand has grown to over 600,000 units from 50,000 units in early 1980’s.

The industry, which has recorded a steady performance in the current fiscal with a volume growth of 12.8 % during April-August FY18, is expected to end FY18 with a volume growth of 10-11 %.

Today India’s gross cropped area is next to United States of America (USA) and Russia along with fragmented land holdings which have helped the country to become the Largest Tractor Market in the World.

 With everything getting advanced, Agriculture has also got advanced and one step ahead of what it used to be in the country. But, buying a new advanced vehicles & equipment can quite hamper a farmer’s budget as well as daily lifestyle.

That’s why, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) has bought the vast range of used agricultural vehicles and equipment at optimal prices, for all kinds of farm demands. Company even gives interested buyers accessibility to come and inspect the vehicle of choice before participating in the bidding events along with the easy finance facility to make the process of acquisition both easy and affordable, with long term results.

In spite, of having number of sources dealing in same segment SAMIL's customer oriented services and efficiently transparent bidding platforms have made the company no.1 choice of its customers.

Customers all across the country rely on company's services and platforms for every type of used vehicle andequipment demand. As company not only anticipate its customers demand but also work toward fulfilling it, while helping customers decide the suitable usedtractor for themselves through proper inspection.

According to SAMIL below are some parts that one must inspect to acquire the best used tractor for themselves:

I. Body, tires and overall appearance
II. Steering
III. Hydraulic Power (look for leaks)
IV. Engine 
V. Oil
VI. Battery
VII. Swivel pin and hitches

With these points in mind you are all good to go on your way to acquire your desired used tractor.

Not just that, Shriram Automall also provides services like private treaty, onestop (KIOSKS) which bounds customer to visit their inventory again & again to get the best customer experience of all time.

So, if you as well are looking to buy or sell any sought of used vehicle and equipment SAMIL is your one stop trustworthy solution, which with transparent negotiable deals through different platforms will provide you the memorable customer experience.

All you have to do is click the below links: 

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Emission Story So Far..!

 With always increasing amount of air pollution, Indian Government instituted some emission standards in 2000 known as “Bharat stage emission standards”. Progressively stringent norms have been rolled out since then. This info-graphic aim to represent the story of implemented emission norms till now in the country.

Checklist to Acquire the Best Used Car for Every Demand!

Nowadays, acquiring used car is considered a smart choice. As cars of today last long and thereby you can take benefit of them in a lot less money without getting worried about the depreciation in re-sale value.  But before you do so, you must follow the checklist bought by Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL)- The No.1 Used Vehicle and Equipment Platform in the country, to acquire the best used vehicle of your choice, suiting your requirement.  

Monday, 18 December 2017

Shriram Automall Jaipur Completing 5 years of Existence!

Spread in every nook and cranny of the country Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) now have 70+ Automall Facilities and 150+ Bidding Locations in India.

In 2011, company came into existence with an aim to organize the most unorganized used vehicle and equipment industry of the country. Since, then SAMIL has never looked back.

Among the 70+ well established Automalls, Jaipur Automall Facility was inaugurated on 19th December 2012. This year the Automall is completing 5 years of bringing convenience at the door steps of customers willing to acquire or dispose used vehicles and equipment in and nearby areas.

In the history of the state of Rajasthan, SAMIL's Jaipur Automall is still considered as the leading name for conducting most innovative bidding events for acquiring used vehicles and equipment. Thereby we can say that company has created a very well appreciated name for itself in the area.

The Automall facility is further utilized for holding vehicle events periodically. It also houses Shriram One Stop, a computerized touch screen kiosk which is a virtual Truck Bazaar, providing real time information about used commercial vehicles available in the inventory.

Automall when inaugurated was the 15th facility across the country, now company has expanded its wings and with a long term vision soon aim to turn the number of 70+ Automalls into 100.

“With tourism, manufacturing of jewellery & luxury textiles being the major contributor in city's economy, used commercial vehicles in the city receive the major demand. We aim to bring out the potential that area has, while helping them acquire the best used vehicles and equipment required for boosting their business at optimal prices” quoted Mr. Sameer Malhotra (CEO of SAMIL)

Visit the Jaipur Automall on 19th December'2017, to participate in the Anniversary special bidding event to inspect the used vehicle of your choice and participate in the bidding event to acquire them. At the Automall you will also get complete assistance on financing and insurance options, as well as services for repair & refurbishing the vehicles.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop Bidding Facility” & “My SAMIL App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

LINK: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Now Delhi Government To Save Lives Of Accident Victims In DELHI!

image ref - http://www.dnaindia.com

Yes, you heard right Delhi government is to pay 100% hospital bills of accident victims. As according to Delhi government, approximately 15,000 to 20,000 people meet with or are affected by accidents in Delhi every year which results in deaths of as many as 1600 people.

Keeping the figures in mind, Delhi government has decided to bear the cost of treatment of victims under a new scheme.

To know more about this, Given below are few quick pointers for you to know...

• Anyone who meets with an accident in Delhi will be provided with the free treatment.
• It does not have any bar on the domicile (i.e. the state/country of his permanent residence) of the   person.
• It includes three kind of accidents – road accidents, fire as well as acid attacks!
• The best clause is that there is no upper limit to this ordinance. Which means that no matter how   much your bill turns out to be – it will be borne by the Delhi government.
• Moreover, it includes private hospitals. So, it does not matter where the treatment is undertaken; you are covered!

The particular move initiated by the government is aimed at saving lives of victims during the golden hour, as most people attempt to take road accident victims to a government hospital even if a private hospital in nearby, thereby denying treatment within the 'Golden Hour', which leads to loss of many lives. By implementing this scheme government aim to avoid that.

Cabinet has already approved the scheme, proving "Every Life Counts".

So, let’s appreciate government's action for the cause and pledge to never ignore the injuries of the accident victim.

If you want to stay updated with everything that's going on in the country's automotive sector, and to know more about your beloved asset or the next one you would want to own, visit Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL's) webpage at https://www.samil.in/ 

While doing so, if you wish to acquire or dispose used vehicle and equipment of any make and model, register yourself with us, simply by clicking the link below or by downloading our very own MySAMIL Mobile App.

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Shriram Automall - The No.1 Choice For Acquiring Desired Used Vehicles Among Youngsters!

Today’s self efficient generation wants to drive the world on their own and having their own transport seems to give them ticket to their choice of life. As a beginner, young generation craves to be the owner of their own vehicles but definitely in a smart way i.e. they look forward to start their journey with a used vehicle rather than buying a new one.

For most young people and their parents, buying the first car is quite a big step. As most teen drivers stand a greater risk of crashing, scratching than anyone else on the road, thereby acquiring a used two-wheeler or car for first time drivers is indeed the best and the smartest choice.

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL) being the leading platform for used vehicle and equipment transactions, while understanding the demand for used automotives in the country for every age and every job, make sure to provide the best in class range at optimal prices.

This makes the company the No.1 choice not only in the industry but also among the youngsters, who look forward to visit company's Automall facilities to acquire their best in class first ride. After all company is best known for being India’s most trusted network provider with well structured Automall facilities serving most innovative bidding platforms and allied services, aiming to provide customers the life time experience.

Not just that in addition, company while anticipating the customer demands way before, also serve the potential buyers through online mediums like MySAMILMobile App., Desktop Bidding, Online Bidding. These platforms comes in handy for everyone, but are majorly used by youngsters and working professionals, as by using these mediums they are able to learn all about the company's  extensive inventory near them and scheduled upcoming bidding events.

Company is in itself a complete solution provider for every type of used vehicle and equipment demand in the country and thereby is a most renowned name.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a willing buyer or seller who want to acquire or dispose used vehicle or equipment of any and every make and model, SAMIL is your OneStop destination. Thereby don't think twice and click the link below to register yourself and download company's app.

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Old and Defunct Vehicles to Be Auctioned Off!

imagre ref - http://www.team-bhp.com  

In a joint drive with the municipal corporations, Delhi government’s transport department will soon auction the junked cars which have remained parked for years at one place. The drive will start from south Delhi and later all areas of the city will be targeted. The drives will be carried out by a joint team of the personnel and the respective civic body.

 To target the same and in addition to identify the diesel/petrol vehicles which have crossed their 10/15 years on road run, and are not allowed on the city roads anymore, government is now developing a software through National Informatics Centre (NIC) using which finding out whether a diesel-run vehicle is 10 years old or a petrol-run vehicle is 15-year-old will become easy and quick.

Government is keen to take on the particular initiative as in Delhi, there are thousands of such junked vehicles lying around in the city that are not fit to be driven any more but yet is occupying premium parking space. Many of them don’t even have tyres and are supported by bricks. They particularly stand still just to occupy the parking space; sometimes people intentionally acquire them just to do the same. But now the time for such vehicles has come to an end, now the functional parking space will only be available for the vehicles which are functional.

The department is also in the process of developing a mobile application through which common people will be able to help government, by clicking pictures of junked vehicles and share them along with the GPS location. This will improve the output of the drive taken for the cause, as this will help government to identify such vehicles and take action conveniently. Along with this to discourage misuse of prime space, transport department’s draft parking policy prescribe heavy parking charges for junked vehicles parked on streets.

Shriram Automall India Limited(SAMIL), while playing its part in the national development will come forward and help government to dispose scrap and junk vehicles through its most innovative and transparent bidding platforms.

So, let’s come together and help government in this initiative of making India, technologically advance and clean.

While doing so, if you are looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle and equipment but have no time to visit your nearby Automall, register yourself simply by clicking the link below or by downloading company’s very own MySAMIL Mobile App.

Link: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Shriram Automall – Name of Trust, Transparency and Reliability!

Looking forward to bridge the gap and making a deal directly with a person while acquiring and selling the pre-owned vehicles and equipment. You can stop looking as if you are reading this you are looking right where you need to look to attain the most informative, transparent, user friendly experience you desire.

India’s automobile industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, as it is already the sixth largest globally. Till about a six years ago, in the absence of organized players, more than 50% of all used vehicle sales were C2C (customer to customer) among friends and relatives, with a ‘Circle of Trust’. The remaining sales were managed by local unorganized dealers. In 2011, after Shriram Automall IndiaLimited (SAMIL) incepted its first Automall facility in India, face of the used automotive market changed.

Acquiring a used Automotive from SAMIL is not just a smart move but also an optimal move which can serve you better for the long duration of time. As with used Automotive, you can expect better upgraded models in good quality at low prices.

You might be thinking if it would be a great idea? You are right! You must think about all your options but we make sure while dealing with SAMIL, you won’t have to think twice, as story is quite different with them. They understand how buying a used vehicle can be one of the biggest investments of your life. So, you don’t have to worry anymore!

Being the 100% Subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company (STFC), SAMIL provides easy finance facility, through which you can easily acquire your desired used vehicle at optimal prices through any of the choice able transaction platform that company offers. Through this facility Company aims to build an inclusive society which is self reliant. Customers can avail the facility of finance on either of their single or bulk requirements.

So, if you are looking forward to get more than expected quality of services and experience. Here is where you should stop looking because now all you have to do is click the link given below and let SAMIL’s team do what they do best and that’s providing best in class used vehicle and equipment through most transparent platforms along with customer oriented allied services.

Link: www.samil.in

Download MySAMIL APP: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Shriram Automall to Inaugurate Its 73rd Automall in Hassan on 18th December’2017

Hassan city is the district headquarters of Hassan district in the Indian state of Karnataka. The town is situated 935m above sea level and generally witness dry season. City is best known for its Ginger and Coconut markets. Also, agriculture in the area is considered to be very good, thereby city receives major demand for heavy and mediumcommercial vehicles (H&MCV), agricultural equipment as e-commerce is the main work force in the area.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) being India’s Most Trusted Platform for Exchange of Used Vehicles and Equipment in an Organized & Transparent Manner, understands the demand and thereby while anticipating the requirement of people in and nearby areas is coming with its 73rd Automall facility in the district. The Automall will be inaugurated by Mr. Umesh G. Revankar, MD-STFC and Mr. Sameer Malhotra CEO SAMIL.

Turning out to be a privilege Hassan is connected by road via national highway No. 75 to the rest of the country, keeping that in mind SAMIL has very strategically located its Automall facility at the Bangalore-Mangalore highway Vill Eachalahalli, Post Kandali, Hassan, Karnataka – 573217, so that every requirement in and nearby areas could be fulfilled through the most innovative and optimal bidding platforms in the country.

Over the years SAMIL’s biddingevents have become industry’s most talked about innovation. There is nothing more exciting than attending company’s bidding events to acquire or dispose desired used vehicles and equipment, as company gains a leading edge over its competitors for implementing, the most extensive line up of Used Vehicles and Equipments of all make & models with dedicated team for each segment.

Company can majorly anticipate demand from the customers residing in Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Tiptur, Arsikere & Channarayapatna. Adding, Hassan is 183 kilometers west of Bangalore, 119 kilometers north of Mysore, and 171 kilometers east of Mangalore by road, so potential customers in these areas can also visit the Hassan Automall to acquire or dispose used vehicles and equipment on any and every make and model.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, Shriram Automall (Hassan) is going to be a trusted name for optimal and convenient transactions just like its other 72 Automalls and 150+ bidding locations.

Visit the Hassan Automall, on 18th December’2017 (Inauguration Day), and participate in the special bidding event to take home desired used vehicle of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop Bidding Facility” & “My SAMIL Mobile App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Mobile App - https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Link: www.samil.in

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

SAMIL’s Faizabad Automall Completing 5 Business Years

Shriram AutomallIndia Limited (SAMIL) on 13th December, 2012, launched its 13th Automall facility in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. The new Automall was inaugurated by Mr. Umesh G. Revankar (MD, STFC) and Mr. Sameer Malhotra (CEO, SAMIL). Currently company has expanded its reach in entire nation with well structured 70+ Automall facilities and 150+ bidding locations, sprawling in every minor and major city of the country.

Faizabad Automall facility is sprawling in 4.6 acres of land. Further, the automobile fanatics seemed greatly enthralled when they were apprised by the online platform, along with various other auxiliary services like Finance, Insurance, New Look, Parking and Documentation.

Since the introduction of this Automall, SAMIL has offered enhanced levels of customer support in the city. The facility spans across mammoth landscape providing innovative bidding platforms and plethora of services to the potentials sellers and buyers of usedvehicles and equipment in and nearby areas. It is manned by qualified, experienced and trained personnel offering best-in-class services.

The Automall facility is further utilized for holding vehicle events periodically. It also houses Shriram One Stop, a computerized touch screen kiosk which is a virtual Truck Bazaar, providing real time information about used commercial vehicles available in the inventory.

If you are an interested buyer or a seller of a used automotive or equipment, visit the Faizabad Automall, on 13th December’2017 and participate in the special bidding event to take home desired used vehicle of your choice.

You can also participate in the Live Bidding event from the comfort of your home through “Desktop Bidding Facility” & “My SAMIL Mobile App” or simply click the link below for easy registration with just a click.

Download MySAMIL Mobile App: https://goo.gl/BMpnCf

Monday, 11 December 2017

Looking To Acquire a Used Car? Follow This Checklist

Considering modern cars are made to last for a long time, buying a used car can be a very smart decision. In fact you can get more out of the used car than from the new one, though it can be a rather intimidating experience for both, buyers as well as sellers. Thereby Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), through its most innovatively transparent bidding platforms aims to make the process convenient and optimal, so that both buyers and sellers could get most out of the deal.

Addition to the services company offers, here is a blog providing you the checklist which can simplify matters, reduce risk, and convert the used vehicle transaction into a hassle-free affair.

While following the above buyer’s and seller’s checklist you can help yourself from being troubled after the deal is closed. Now, below is the checklist following which you can decide whether or not the vehicle you are acquiring is fit for you.

Let’s Read:

1.Mechanical Checklist
• Go for a test drive.
• Perform a leak test.
• Check the hoses and belts.
• Inspect the engine for any sort of leaks, or corrosion.
• Remove the oil filler cap. As foam residue on the inside indicates a leaking head gasket.
• Pull the transmission dipstick; the fluid should be pink or red.
• Check the timing belt.
• Have a mechanic inspect the vehicle.

2.Car’s Exterior Checklist
• Make sure that the car is on level ground before checking it out.
• Carefully check the paint job of the car, taking note of any rust spots, dents or scratches.
• Check the trunk of the car to make sure it is still in good condition.
• Check the tires.
• Never buy a frame damaged car.
• Try to get under the car when it is safely raised and inspect the exhaust system or any under-body     rust.
• Check under the hood of the car for any indication of dents, damage or rust.

3.Car’s Interior Checklist
• Go inside the car. Check the seats and upholstery of the car for any tears, rips, stains, or other type of damage.
• Check to make sure the air-conditioning of the car is working well by turning it on.
• Check the odometer of the car for the mileage.
• Find out if the car has a computer on board.
• Verify the lights and all the regular functions of the car when not moving. This includes: any sensors for parking, back parking camera, radio, CD, music installation, etc.

Keep in mind, these checklist pointers goes for acquiring and disposing all type of used vehicles and equipment. For more such information you can click the link below and go through our blog posts and at the same time to acquire or dispose a used vehicle or equipment you can register yourself by clicking the link.
Link: https://goo.gl/tk9WYw 
Download MySAMIL App: 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Premium Cars Witnessing Growth, Driven By First Time Buyers!

Automotive sector is one of the major Indian sectors which face increase in demand from year to year.  Premium being the new affordable cool is now expanding its wings in the industry as well, credit of which goes to the first time buyers.

As now, first-time car buyers in the country (India) are moving beyond entry level vehicles, choosing more premium options instead, showcasing upward consumer mobility that’s driving sales of feature-rich and pricier models.

While only one out of three first-time buyers used to purchase premium models five years ago, now one of two such buyers goes for these models, indicating the manufacturer’s ability to attract more customers to its premium models.

In the last three years number of first-time buyers for Maruti Suzuki Dzire has increased to 46% from 28%. Similarly, those for the Hyundai Xcent have risen to 55% against 40%. Even for the newly launched Hyundai Verna, priced at Rs 8lakh, the number of first-time buyers has almost doubled to 35%, as compared with 18% recorded for the earlier edition of the vehicle.

At Tata Motors, where executives were used to serving customers about 38-40 years only, witnessed first time buyers positioning the Zest above the Indigo. Majorly below-30 buyers accounted for more than a fifth of the car’s sales.

India is a young economy, with high disposable incomes, this uptick sales record driven by first time buyers shows that customers want their first vehicle to be feature-rich,

Affordability is also one of the reasons pushing sales of premium cars among young consumers and first time buyers, as household income of families buying (the third-generation) Dzire has jumped 22% (to Rs 78,000 from Rs 59,000) a month. Similar trend was witnessed at Hyundai, where the average income of the Verna buyer has increased by 40% to `7-10lakh. At Tata Motors, the average income of buyers has doubled in the last few years.

Hence, it can be said that factors such as vehicle prices and fuel efficiency are no longer primary determinants of purchasing decisions. Rather vehicle style/looks, followed by brand image, features, mileage has emerged as the primary consideration among consumers who opt for the premium car versions.

Driven by desire, consumers willing to acquire a premium car or a luxury one without hampering their pockets have showcased their keen interest in the used premium/luxury cars.

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Light Commercial Vehicles Surging Double Digit Growth in India

After a decline in the past three years, the light commercial vehicle segment (LCV), consisting of the sub 3.5 tone vehicles, has resumed its strong growth. The factors that aided the demand for the segment were growth in replacement demand, improved financing and recovery in rural demand.

Also, through increased thrust on infrastructure and rural sectors in the recent Budget, potential implementation of fleet modernization or Scrappage program and higher demand from consumption-driven sectors, especially for LCVs and intermediate commercial vehicles (ICVs), commercial vehicles have found their momentum back.

Further investments in e-commerce segment are driving demand for last mile transportation requirements and accordingly light commercial vehicles. These factors along with the favorable monsoon and a better crop harvest have supported demand recovery from the rural areas as well, which is a fairly sizeable market for small trucks. The SCV segment is expected to grow in the range of 14-16 per cent in volume terms in the current fiscal.

During April-October 2017 period, total LCV sales grew by 19% at 218,602 units as compared to 183,611 units in April-October 2016. In the same, mini-trucks (Tata Ace segment) grew by 22% at 80,150 units (65,700 units), while pick-ups (above 1-tonne payload vehicles) reported a growth of 17% at 138,452 units (117,911 units).

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Ban on BS-IV Vehicle Registrations beyond June 2020

As a major step to curb vehicular pollution, the government of India decided that the country will leapfrog directly from BS-IV emission norms for petrol and diesel to BS-VI standards from April 1, 2020. For implementation of the same, government has come out with a draft notification to amend Central Motor Vehicles Rules to prevent registration of BS-IV compliant automobiles built before April 1, 2020 beyond June 30, 2020.

The decision to advance the date by four years to April 1, 2020 for implementation of BS VI (equivalent to Euro VI norms followed globally) was taken at an inter- ministerial meeting for supply of cleaner auto fuel, by altogether skipping the Euro V grade norms. The decision was taken while keeping in mind the most debatable rising level of pollution in the country.

The notification said the rules will be called the Central Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules, 2017 and shall come into force on the date of their final publication in the Official Gazette. The amendment in the rules will be done in exercise of the powers conferred by section 110 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The notification further says: new motor vehicles of categories M & N, conforming to Emission Standard BS-IV, manufactured before April 1, 2020 and sold in the form of drive away chassis, shall not be registered after September 30, 2020.

Vehicles having at least four wheels and used for the carriage of passengers fall under category M while power- driven vehicles having at least four wheels and used for the carriage of goods fall under category N.

Government while keeping in mind the pollution state in the country as well as the pressure oil refineries and auto manufacturers are witnessing to meet the deadlines are taking all the essential and efficient steps making India cleaner and greener country.

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