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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

5 Electric Vehicles that will take on the market by 2020

The development we are making in clean fuel like electricity is something that cannot be ignored. 2016 saw the launch of a number of electric vehicles that will come to our roads soon & wave the flag of clean and green world. Now we are only few years away from wide spread introduction of electric vehicles as major manufacturers have already decided to roll out its new models powered by electricity.

Volvo Fleet – Volvo is a company which is setting new benchmarks with its SUV & Sedans that are capable of dethroning the legacy of the Germans. Its CEO Hakan Samuelsson said that by 2020, 10 per cent of its global sales will be from electrified vehicles. The company will roll out its first electric vehicle by 2019, but the details are still not available.

Mercedes Benz – The Company has already taken the market by storm by unveiling its all new electric concept at the Paris motor show and plans to unveil at least one electric car by 2018. Daimler's chief development officer Thomas Weber said the company will debut a prototype of an electric vehicle with a range of 310 miles per charge at the next Paris Motor Show.

Tesla Model 3 – Tesla is a company which everyone thinks of when they think about electric cars. The company which has a limited presence in the USA is planning to go big with the launch of its Model 3 globally. Tesla Model 3 has a starting range of more than 200 miles per charge and can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just six seconds and the car will cost $35,000 before incentives.

Porsche – The Company has already made big headline when they introduced the concept ‘Mission E’ which will roll out the first electric Porsche by 2020. The car will boasts of a range of about 310 miles per charge and is capable of charging about 80 per cent in just 15 minutes. The car will also be capable of going from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

Audi - The Company is already famous for its ‘E-tron’ concept which won the best electric car of the year in 2015; however the company for its customers will launch the first electric car in 2018. The new vehicle will be inspired by the company's e-tron quattro concept. It will have three motors, a range of 310 miles on a single charge and quick charging capabilities.

Meanwhile the electric technology is still some time away; you can began contributing towards the environment by buying used Cars with a CNG engine from Shriram Automall. The company offers a wide range of used cars, SUVs, Sedans with CNG engine options at optimal price.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

The Used Two-Wheeler Industry at a Glance

Indian Two-Wheeler industry has almost doubled in past seven years and today we have a mind boggling figure of 16.5 million units sold a year making it one of the world’s largest markets.

Pre-owned bikes | Shriram Automall
The humongous size of the two-wheeler industry has given an obvious rise to the pre-owned two-wheeler industry. Last year the size of pre-owned two wheeler segment was estimated to be 40% of the new two-wheeler market. Today 3 out of 10 two wheelers sold are used ones. The size stands at a huge figure of 6.6 million units which is even bigger then he entire African continent's new two-wheeler industry. It is estimated to have grown 20-25 per cent annually in the past five years.

As the market is growing the pre-owned segment has attracted major payers to step in and have a bite of the cake. Shriram Automall, which is one of the most trusted platform for exchange of used vehicle & equipment in India states that the launch of new models and the changing mentality of people to go for a pre-owned Two-wheeler instead of a new one has given the rise in demand. Currently the company offers the most extensive line up of used two wheelers of all makes & models at over 55 locations in the country.

Major players like Honda Scooter & Motor Cycles India Limited (HMSI) have tied up with Shriram Automall to facilitate exchange of used two-wheelers in a hassle free manner which is helping the company to boost sale of new two-wheelers in various locations.

Sameer Malhotra, CEO Shriram Automall said “the used two wheeler market is currently very unorganized, however it offers great potential that is the reason why many new players are stepping. What makes Shriram Automall different is its organized approach & transparent process and that is the reason why big fishes in the market is tying up with the company”

Monday, 6 June 2016


Commercial vehicles have always been a driving force for the Indian automobile industry. While India stands on number six for their manufacturing, the industry is filled with great potential to make the country shine on world map. 2015-16, the year proved to be the game changer for the industry, it not just revived the industry as a whole but also set the required pace to keep the momentum going for a long time to come. The country is seeing an all new phase of the transportation & construction Equipment segment with the launch of new projects in the segments. The government has also given a green signal to most of the stuck projects this year. Now with all these new initiatives the segment has suddenly revived, the transport and construction equipment business owners have decided to invest in buying both new and used construction equipment in order to apply for new tenders.

While it was being predicted for long that the segment will get the much delayed revival, we can now finally see the signs. The demand for both new and used commercial vehicles is suddenly witnessing an upward trend. While business owners are in a dilemma for deciding between buying a new or a pre-owned commercial vehicle and where to buy it from are the questions are the questions that we try to answer with this article.

While there are a number of players in the pre-owned commercial vehicle industry what make Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) different is the approach of company towards its customers and the wide range of pre-owned commercial vehicles offered at over 57 locations covering the entire country. Tata, Mahindra, Ashok Leyland and more, all make and all brands under one roof for the customer to choose from.

Register, inspect and bid is the simple process followed by the company in order to sell a used commercial vehicle to its customers in a hassle free manner. Shriram Automall was founded in 2011 as a subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company with the motive of empowering people with nothing but the ethical solutions of Acquisition and Disposal of Used vehicles & equipment. Since the inception, company has been successful in providing the unique and innovative services to the valuable customers.

Following the principle of ‘Serving People and Creating Valuable Relationships’ Shriram Automall has established its footprint all over the country. The core ability of the company lies in its Services and Unique Platforms. Shriram Automall’s best in class facility has been spread wide over the country & has been well recognized by the customers & industry experts. As the pioneer of Industry, company offers the most unique and comprehensive range of solutions for acquisition and disposal of used commercial vehicles. Establishing itself in more than 150 locations throughout the country through Automalls and bidding yards, Shriram Automall has now become the first choice for pre-owned vehicles & equipment.

India’s automotive industry accounts for almost 22% of country’s manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP) & in India’s used-car market, around 3 million vehicles change hands every year, a figure that’s much higher than that for new cars. Of these, only a fifth passes through the organized market.

Now as the used commercial vehicle industry is gaining momentum, there are many more giants entering into the picture along with Shriram Automall. But, the unique services and Platforms by Shriram Automall are keeping the customers bounded by them. From providing assistance to every single customer to being available throughout the country by establishing Automall’s as well as through the virtual Presence, Shriram Automall has everything for a customer to look upon to.

The segment alone accounts for over 12, 00,000+ annual sales in India for both new and pre-owned commercial vehicle is largely unorganized. Shriram Automall slowly but effectively is trying hard to tap it services at all major and minor locations of the country to help people make a wise choice when they consider buying a pre-owned commercial vehicle in a hassle free manner.
Shriram Automall within a short span of just 5 years has been able to garner over 2, 00,000+ transactions for pre-owned commercial vehicles alone. With a specially focused team and an organized & transparent process the company has been able to tap its professional services to over 6, 00,000+ unique customers in over 30,000+ bidding events all over India.

As a 100% subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company, sourcing best of inventory for sale of pre-owned commercial vehicle was never a problem. SAMIL offers the most extensive line up of pre-owned commercial vehicles at optimal price in all its physical & online bidding events. The company has also tied up with leading National & Private Banks, Finance Houses to sources its inventory and in return it helps them in liquidating their unused inventory, generating good income from them.
Technologically Advanced Company

As a part of its endeavor to be a technologically advanced company, it has recently launched an all new domains to attract new customers participate in its bidding events at their comfort.
Shriram Automall Mobile Application:
The advanced app will let customers to register them, upload their KYC details, participation in physical bidding event, pay Refundable Security Deposit amount online, contact nearest Automall and even manage their transactions just by a simple touch.

Benefits of the Mobile Application:
• Enroll as a new customer in a handy fashion
• Upload your KYC documents to complete registration
• Pay Security Deposit amount securely using debit or credit card
• Easily manage your transactions
• Participate in a bidding event anytime from anywhere
• Acquire the vehicle you desire from the comfort of your home

Desktop Physical Live Bidding & Voice Casting
All new feature to help customers participate in physical bidding events anywhere from their desktop. Bid on your desired vehicle & equipment easily

• Bid from wherever you are through your desktop
• Pay the RSD Amount Online
• Listen to live bidding event for transparency in process

Different Region, Different Approach
 As a company that operates in all major and minor locations of India the company follows different approach for Tier I, Tier II & Tier III cities as it receives over 20% of its business from Tier I & II cities. Trichy, Madurai, Pondicherry, Salem, Tirunelveli, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Warangal, Visakhapatnam, Hubli, Nellore, Patancheru and Rajahmundry are the top markets, which generates majority of the business for us. Agricultural equipment, passenger vehicles and 2-wheelers are the popular pre-owned vehicles in these markets.” The company is also planning to expand its business in cities like Agra, Aligarh, Coimbatore, Dhanbad, Mangalore, Nashik, Latur and Solahpur.”

Customers from metro cities are relatively easier to convince and persuade. They don’t come with a specific vehicle requirement, and can purchase other available vehicle, in case of unavailability of a specific model. They prefer to communicate in English language and it takes less time for them in making a buying decision. The pre-owned passenger and commercial vehicles are popular among metro customers. On the other hand the customers from the tier 2&3 cities are more rigid on the choice of vehicle they want and they prefer to communicate in their regional language. Generally they take some time before selecting the vehicle of their choice. Tractors and passenger vehicles have a major share in these markets.

Direct marketing is one of the most successful channels for targeting the tier 2&3 city customers. Various activities like marketing channels like putting our company canopy in local markets, distribution of handbills through local newspapers, and we also send the details of our upcoming events through SMS and emails to our regional customers.

Future Outlook
The company has recently completed its 5 successful years of operations and hopes to continue in the same momentum in the years to come. As part of its expansion plans the company plans to open four new Automalls in locations like Agra, Latur, Solapur and Bijapur within a month’s time.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Car Care Tips for Monsoon

As we all know that monsoon is just about to arrive in a month’s time. We bring you the tips & tricks to take care of your car during monsoon season.

 “Monsoon is regarded as one of the most loved season however on the flipside it is a season where majority of car accidents takes place as the risk factor increases substantially. Cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi which receives good amount of rainfall are affected most. Where rain control is not in your hand but taking good care of your car is.” Sameer Malhotra, CEO Shriram Automall India Limited
There are several factors during rainy season which makes driving unsafe & make us extra cautious.

Shriram Automall, India’s leading service provider for buying & selling used commercial vehicles & equipment exclusively brings you useful car maintenance tips.

Most important parts of car which should be checked regularly are:

TYRES – Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car. Make sure the tyres are in excellent condition before monsoon. The tread depth should be good to ride easily on slippery surface avoiding any chances of skid. The tire tread depth should not be less than 2 mm. Rubber has a tendency to soften when coming in contact with water so one should check the tyre pressure regularly and inflate it to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

BRAKES – Brake pads are the parts that should be taken extra care of, they should be cleaned & replaced in a regular interval to make them dirt free. Brakes should not be too tight or too loose and you should keep using them frequently as water will most likely wet the brake drums, therefore reducing braking efficiency.

 WIPERS & WASHERS – The blades used in wipers have a tendency to wear out very fast. Make sure you change the rubber before monsoons begin. One should ensure that the rubber is not hard and does not have cracks as they will scratch the windscreen.

ELECTRICALS – Electricals is a department that can cause major accidents during monsoon. Make sure to patch a weak or loose electrical connection; don’t forget to carry extra fuses. Check all the lights, it is advisable to keep your parking light and brake light on while driving during rain.

CAR BODY – Rain water is generally acidic in nature and can damage the cars body if exposed directly for long time. Protect the body of your car by applying a good quality wax polish before monsoon. The wax will not only protect the paint but will also allow water to roll off easily.

ANTI RUST COATING ON CHASSIS – Chassis is the most important part of your car on which it moves. During monsoon the chassis of your car is directly exposed to a lot of water. It is advisable to coat your chassis with anti rust coating to protect it from rusting & give your car a longer run.

With the above tips we hope you enjoy a happy upcoming monsoon with a safe ride with your loved ones.