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Monday, 29 June 2015

Exploring the selling avenues for Used Vehicles

Want to dispose your used vehicle but do not want to go out in this always rising temperature which is on the move to break the thermometer? Than Shriram Automall is here to help you…!!!

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is the leaders who facilitate its customers to acquire or dispose any pre owned vehicles quick & safe. Just login to www.samil.in & chose the service that best suits you.

Online Bidding:
Online bidding is a dedicated platform that offers safe disposal of pre-owned vehicles online. User just needs to login at bids.samil.in, contact SAMIL & share the details of their vehicle. These details will be later uploaded on its website where it can receive a bid. The highest bidding amount will be notified to owner to take an approval.

Physical Bidding:
Physical bidding is a platform unique with SAMIL where it conducts more than 200 bidding events per month at 50 well structured locations across the country. Customer can get in touch with SAMIL to get his used vehicle ramped at the nearest Automall. Similar to online bidding the highest bidding here as well will be notified to the owner to take an approval.

One Stop Kiosk:
This is a pioneering technology owned individually by SAMIL where users can simple get his vehicle registered for bidding by submitting vehicle details like make, model, Kilometer running etc. along with some images. One Stop Classified KIOSK showcases information of more than 2, 00,000 used vehicles & equipment to bid on.

Private Treaty:
Private treaty is a service under which SAMIL conducts negotiated deals. SAMIL here acts as a mediator who bridges the gap between people who wants to acquire or dispose their pre-owned vehicles. Similar to all its services a customer has to contact SAMIL & get his vehicle details uploaded on the website. Once a bid is received & approved bidder just need to fill a proxy bid form to obtain the vehicle.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) is a trust mark for more than 4, 50,000 bidders for exchange of their used vehicles and equipment. Together with our offerings, we have transformed several Drivers to Owners and made a substantial contribution in uplifting farmers and transporters in their businesses. We also cater to the second hand cars, SUVs, three wheelers and two wheelers segments today, making us the largest & most transparent bidding platform.

7 Tips To Be A Good Seller For Used Construction Equipment

Today, industries are growing on a large scale in India, thus, a hike in potential buyers for industrial used construction equipment has been marked from last some years. So, if you have heavy construction equipment which you want to dispose, SAMIL is here to help you.

Shriram Automall is a unique platform to meet your entire requirements for pre-owned vehicles and equipment in India.  We understand the mindset of buyers, so, just take a look at these 7 tips to be a good seller for used construction equipment to crack the best deal.

1. Know Worth of your Equipment
When it comes to dispose second hand construction equipment, never forget to research industry trends and price of equipment. Try to dig out the latest information to place the best price range for your equipment.
Having a good idea of the price range for your used construction equipment will help you out to negotiate in a better way and set a realistic price opportunity.

2. Explore Selling Method
In order to be a great seller for used construction equipment, it’s very important to understand how quickly you need to close a deal and what selling method would best fit for your used equipment. You have to explore various selling methods, including physical bidding for used construction equipment, online bidding and private treaty.

3. Target Potential Buyers
Don’t be in hurry while looking to target buyers for used equipment, always try to target most potential buyers, but keep remember don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Marketing your used equipment may be very challenging and time consuming.

So, selling your equipment with SAMIL not only offers you a large population of potential buyers for used construction equipment, even, it will offer you to target buyers with best marketing efforts from Shriram Automall based on industry and region where your equipment is in the demand.

4. Prove The Value of Equipment
Get the best offer for your equipment by attracting potential buyers through the look and feel of your used equipment. When it comes to show the value of used construction equipment, it’s recommended to consider used vehicles and equipment refurbishment, including efficient repairing process facility. The quality standard of the New Look service is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

5. Be A Transparent Seller
Buyers love transparency in deals, therefore, it’s very important to be transparent while you are selling used construction equipment. Don’t forget to provide complete details, including photos and documents of your pre-owned construction equipment.

Buyers can also search for the details online regarding photos detailing the conditions of the equipment and interior specification. SAMIL also provide platform to register used vehicles and equipment online.

6. Take Help of a Pro
As stated earlier, selling used construction equipment alone can be challenging and time consuming in terms of marketing and target potential buyers for pre-owned construction equipment. So, there is no issue with taking help of a pro. SAMIL also provide you an opportunity to negotiated deals straight with buyers with the help of assigned representative, where you can directly contact with potential buyers for purchasing second hand construction equipment.

7. Build a strong relationship for future deals
To be the best seller of used heavy construction vehicle and equipment; try to build a strong relationship with SAMIL Representatives you can trust for future deals. If you want to trade used construction equipment feel free to contact SAMIL representative according to your nearest location.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Maximizing Your Transport Business Profits

Managing cost & profit margins is one of the most challenging issues faced by the Indian transportation industry today. Day to day increase in the rates of petroleum & diesel are the major factors responsible. Cutting down the cost for their day to day run has now become a basic need to survive today, but how to do it becomes a question unanswered.

In today’s blog we would try & answer this question. First things first, let us understand what our major costs are in this business? Yes the Transportation vehicles or the commercial vehicles that require 75% of the business costing. Finding a way out in reducing this cost to 40-50% can really serve the purpose.

Buying a new vehicle whenever a need arises will surely require a heavy investment every time; its time act smart & invest in used commercial vehicle or trucks now. Shriram Automall is one destination bookmarked by every transport business owner in India.

The company offers the widest range of large commercial vehicles, used trucks at a single destination. You may run your business in any part of the country, finding an Automall will be as easy as finding a new place to eat. With more than 50 well structured Automalls across the country SAMIL offers their professional service to everyone.

You can participate in a bidding event near you by simply depositing a refundable fee, inspect all the available options & choose the one that best serves your business purpose.

One by one all the used vehicles will come on the ramp where you can bid on your shortlisted vehicle at very competitive rate. If you emerge as the highest bidder than you have to deposit 10% of the vehicle amount then & there & rest after 15 days. SAMIL also provides bidder with an option to finance the remaining amount.  

Here you go folks, we hope after reading this article you can take smart business decision & incur more profits.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Used Passenger Vehicles Online Bidding Tips

As a passenger, you would have travelled through various types of passenger vehicles. But, now you want to buy one for yourself and transform yourself from a passenger to the owner. Also, instead of wasting your time on streets while hunting for dealers door to door, you can sit at home and scroll through different bidding websites that offer a wide variety of pre-owned passenger vehicles. Here are some tips on used passenger vehicles online bidding.
·         Know the value
You would definitely not want to buy a used passenger vehicle at a cost higher than the market value. In that case, it is a wise option to conduct market research properly. It will help you quoting an appropriate amount in your bid. 
·         Chose Wisely
The online space is flooded with various bidding websites catering to pre-owned passenger vehicles. But, you should visit the one that suits your requirement the most and incorporate all the brands that you are looking for at a reasonable price range.

  • Read terms and conditions
We understand that it is quite a tedious task to read the entire terms and conditions but it is always a wise option to read it properly. After all, you don’t want to get caught in a trouble in future.  

With these bidding tips in your mind, visit bids.samil.in, where you will get the widest range of pre-owned passenger vehicles to bid on. India’s one-stop destination for pre-owned vehicles and equipment in India, Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) brings you an ultimate bidding website with regular online and physical bidding events, every month to get participate.

“With internet becoming the most crowded space, we at SAMIL are working relentlessly towards adding value to this space with our innovative bidding solutions for pre-owned passenger vehicles.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO, SAMIL

Ride online for a used car

The world of internet is literally a web. Once you get trapped in its convenience, there is hardly any escape. With that huge variety and thousands of options, your table is always loaded with so much to offer. What makes this place amazing is the daily visit of millions of people. Your every need is met here. Be it a new product or an old one, everything is a part of World Wide Web. If case of a used car, people may find it quite risky to purchase it through new media. But, the reality is quite different. In fact, purchasing a used car online is a wise option.

Pre-owned Cars

·    Just imagine! You don’t have to roam around in search of a dealer. You just have to sit at home visit some websites and there you have your choice of used car online in front of you.

·    Since there are various options of used cars online, the prices offered will be highly competitive. And, in competition it is the buyer who wins the race. So, the online space will definitely offer you best rates in the market.

·    Internet is loaded with various options in used cars. Your visit to a particular dealer might introduce you to only few brands. But, used cars online are offered in almost every brand.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) carries regular online bidding events through which you can make the next purchase of the used car.

“In this new age, everything is just a click away! Catering to the ever-evolving needs of our customers, we regularly carry out the used cars online bidding events.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO of SAMIL