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Thursday, 13 August 2020

Manesar Automall of Shriram Automall India Limited marks its 8th Anniversary!!

Shriram Automall India Limited –India’s largest platform for Pre-owned vehicles and equipment has a wide network of 86+ Automalls Pan India.

The Manesar Automall, a one-stop destination for hassle-free buying and selling of used vehicles and equipment for Delhi Zone, marks its 8th Anniversary today. A transparent platform where one get their favorite vehicle or equipment by participating in the physical bidding of any of the six segments i.e., Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Cars, Three Wheelers and Two wheelers.

Today when the Manesar Automall turned 8 years old, the occasion was celebrated in full energy and enthusiasm, keeping in mind the safety norms mentioned by the government. The Automall was fully decorated with Rangoli and Balloons. The occasion was graced with the presence of Automall managers and State Business Heads who witnessed the Cake Cutting Ceremony.

SAMILIANS cannot be stopped!! Even in this times of COVID 19, SAMIL has successfully inaugurated its new Automall in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh which is the 87th Automall for Shriram Automall India Limited. SAMIL has also introduced its Financial Services facility known as SAMIL Financial Services to ease the buying process for buyers.

The Company is known for valuing its relationships with the sellers, buyers and employees, so to keep its stakeholders safe, SAMIL has introduced its digital solutions to offer safe and hassle bidding from home. One can download MYSAMIL app or use Desktop LIVE bidding to participate in the Digital Physical Bidding Events organised at regular intervals.

To know more kindly visit your nearest Automall or click on www.samil.in.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Shriram Automall India Limited –India’s largest platform for pre-owned vehicle and equipment, has been serving a transparent bidding platform for used vehicles and equipments on Pan-India basis.

Shriram Automall’s presence pan through India via its 86 Automalls, Including the latest automall opened in Vijaywada, Andhrapradesh.

Shriram Automalls are known to be the one stop destination for hassle free buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, via transparent bidding events. The dedicated automall team serves every walk in buyer /seller with utmost professionalism and kind courtesy. The vehicle rampage is a very unique experience for any buyer to experience. The fair price and completely easy bidding process makes it very hassle free for any buyer to bid on their favorite vehicle or equipment from any of 6 categories

Those are Commercial vehicle, construction equipment, farm equipment, two wheelers, three wheelers and Auto.

The SAMIL financial facility makes it even easier for buyers to buy the vehicle and equipment

Known for its innovative ways of working SAMIL has now launched MERA AUTOMALL NO 1 contest

Where now buyers and sellers can show their love for their favorite Automall by voting for it

Yes, it is time for us to know which the automall you love visiting the most is To cast your vote click on: http://teamsamil.in/meraautomallno1

Friday, 7 August 2020


Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), India’s Largest Platform for Pre-Owned Vehicles and Equipment has resumed its unique services of Physical Bidding at its Automalls, PAN India while taking care of all the safety norms laid by the government of India.  

Physical Bidding Services, where a wide spectrum of pre-owned vehicles and equipment walk on the ramp for live bidding and all the registered customers participate in these live bidding events to acquire a used vehicle and to gain an insight on the price trends in the market.


Steps of Participation in Physical Bidding

·        Physical Inspection of Vehicles

Two days prior to a bidding event, the pre-owned vehicles are put on display in an Automall and buyers can visit the Automall to properly examine the vehicles and make a choice thereafter.

·        Registration

To participate in the live bidding of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, buyers fill the registration form at registration counter.

·        RSD Amount Submission

After filling the form, the buyer submits the Registration Security Deposit (RSD) amount of Rs. 19,999/-. After that, he is given a ‘Bidder Book’ containing information about the inventory list to be displayed in the bidding event.

·        Gathering in the Automall’s Bidding Hall

After all the formalities, the buyer walks into the bidding hall where the announcer communicates the Company overview along with the terms and conditions of bidding.

·        Witnessing the ramped Vehicles

Variety of pre-owned vehicles and equipment like commercial vehiclesconstruction equipmentpassenger vehicles, farming equipment3 wheelers, and 2 wheelers  are displayed on the ramp in the sequence mentioned in the bidder book.

·        Bid on Desired Vehicles

Buyers pay full attention to the announcer in order to bid correct amount on their desired vehicle. As per the choice made in advance, they bid for that vehicle to walk on the ramp.

·        Highest Bidder Wins

To win a vehicle, bidder make sure that their quoted amount is the highest as the one with highest bid gets the vehicle.

·        Post Successful Bid

Once a bidder quotes the highest bid on a vehicle, his RSD amount is deducted from the price quoted by him. Successful Bidder has to pay a minimum ten percent (10%) of the highest bid amount of the asset to Seller/Owner on the same day of declaration and balance amount should be paid within seven (7) calendar days from the date of declaration.


So, don’t wait and witness the excitement of Physical Bidding Events by visiting your nearest Automall today!

Shriram Automall Raniganj (West Bengal) celebrates its 6th Anniversary

Shriram Automall India Limited –India’s largest platform for Pre-owned vehicles and equipment has network of 86+ Automalls Pan India.

Amongst which Automall at Raniganj, West Bengal celebrated its 6th anniversary today.

The Automall is one stop destination for hassle free buying and selling of used vehicles and equipments

It’s a transparent platform where one can participate in bidding of any of the six segments those are

Commercial Vehicles, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Two wheelers, three wheelers and Cars.

The Automall provides unique and transparent bidding platform and products.

Today when the Raniganj Automall turned 6 years old the occasion was celebrated in high enthusiasm but keeping in mind the government guidelines

Cake cutting ceremony, Rangoli decoration, Balloon decoration took place. The Automall managers and State business heads graced the occasion

Shriram Automall is known for its innovations and expansion with the new automall started at Vijaywada andrapradesh lately , The SAMIL has also introduces Financial Service facility to ease the buying process for buyers

SAMIL is also known to be digitally advanced and has digital solution to offer bidding from safety and comfort of home for buyers

One can download MYSAMIL app or use Desktop LIVE bidding and participate in digital physical bidding events

To know more about the event in your nearest automall kindly visit www.samil.in

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Afraid to visit Automall due to COVID Scenario? Shriram Automall has a solution – Digital Solution!

Corona Virus (COVID-19) has created such a havoc in the world that it has put the economies, businesses, and daily lives of people at halt. The virus has locked the people inside their homes with a threat of being infected with the virus.

Shriram Automall India limited (SAMIL), India’s largest platform for pre-owned vehicles and equipment while understanding the seriousness of the situation, did not stopped and continued to serve its customers while taking care of all the safety norms by the government.

As soon as the outbreak happened and the whole industry got disrupted, the company focused on serving its customers and went totally digital to serve them. Maintaining the strong relationships with the buyers and sellers in more than 85 Automalls PAN India, SAMIL successfully conducted Physical Digital Bidding Events via its “Digital solutions- Desktop LIVE Bidding and MySAMIL App”.

The digital solutions felt like bidding through Automall where the buyer can bid and get the desired pre-owned vehicle from the safety of their home. The Mobile App comes up with many more benefits like free download, Hassel-free navigation, Support through the bidding events and so on.

Now, during the unlock, when the movement is still not freely restored and the safety norms are crucial, it has been still a challenge for the buyers to connect for business physically. Shriram has hence found the optimal answer to the problem by going Phygital – Physical + Digital.

Along with Physical Bidding Events, SAMIL continues to provide its services through Digital Platforms. So now, if you are not comfortable in visiting the Automall to attend the Physical Bidding Event, you can just download the MySAMIL App and bid from the comfort of your home.

So be a Smart buyer and don’t miss on the opportunity to get your desired pre-owned vehicle. Visit www.samil.in or Download the MySAMIL App today!