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Sunday, 22 November 2015

5 Steps Purchasing a Pre-Owned Tractor

Purchasing a pre-owned tractor makes sense as you can save a lot money or might get one in your limited resource, depending upon your situation and needs. Well-maintained used tractors provide close-to-new situation at a lesser cost for those looking to add to their fleet or make their very first equipment purchase.

Purchasing pre-owned is easy to justify, not only for yourself, but also for your business/financial partner. The difficult part of the decision is actually selecting the right pre-owned equipment for your situation. Before purchasing a used tractor, consider the following:

1) Owning a Tractor and Car is not a Same Thing

While you decide to own a tractor, you tend to come across many factors in between the process. While purchasing a used tractor is totally different from purchasing a car or any two wheelers as tractors involve working on terrains of carrying off loads.

2) Identify The Needs

A tractor has many types and before you do anything else, it’s a good idea to narrow down the category that best suits your specific needs. The most common types of tractors include:

•    Compact Utility Tractors – These are smaller tractors designed to be used for many everyday landscaping and grounds maintenance applications.

•    Utility Tractors – Versatile in capability, general-use utility tractors are often used for grounds maintenance, wagon pulling, and even hay production.

•    Row Crop Tractors – These tractors are more specialized in the tasks they are designed to perform. They are well-suited to work well with a range of field-use implements and applications.

•    Articulated 4WD Tractors –Generally used in grain operations to handle tillage and seeding type work. Also often used for land leveling and dirt transportation.

3) Price is Important

The most important factor in any major purchase is the price of the asset. Quality used tractors are available even for the lowest budgets. If you have a pre-decided price you can easily make a decision about purchasing the used tractor.

4) Do Your Research

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to various used tractor models that would be perfect according to your needs and fits your budget, it’s now time to research about it. Look for all the particulars of the model, its capabilities, history and usage. You can use internet for this step or take the help of user manuals.

5) Finally Close the Deal

After deciding on a particular tractor, check for the transaction and finalise the deal. Ensure that the spare parts are available in future as well. Wrapping up the deal is typically quite straightforward once you’ve selected just the right tractor for your needs—most experienced sellers will be able to guide you through the process of closing the deal.

Shriram Automall which is the leader of the used vehicle and equipment industry has a wide range of second hand tractors and other used commercial vehicles which can be acquired easily through SAMIL’s physical and online bidding platforms.


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