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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Top 8 tips for Disposing Used Construction Equipment

Do you have used construction or farm equipment available to be sold off? It’s evident that you must be looking forward to dispose off your vehicle and get a good price for it. Most heavy equipment demands a significant pay out of cash to purchase initially and to preserve indefinitely, who wouldn't? So it only seems reasonable to want to earn a fair amount of your investment when it comes time to dispose it off.

Whether you are disposing one item or a fleet of equipment, take a look at this list of top 8 tips for disposing heavy equipment:

1- Know your equipment’s worth

Do the homework and research about equipment’s pricing and industry trends. Use the most recent info you can find and establish a price range for your equipment. Having a price range will be of assistance for you negotiate confidently and set practical price expectations.

2 - Research about Different Methods to Dispose

The type of equipment you are disposing, its condition and how quickly you need to complete the sale, there is a method best fit for your equipment and situation. To know what method would work best for you, educate yourself on the pros and cons of common methods, including unreserved auctions, reserved auctions, private sale, equipment dealers and equipment brokers.

3 - Contact an Expert

Consider the amount of time and effort you will need to put into the selling process and the number of latent buyers you can reach without the help of a skilled person in sales and marketing. You can save a lot of time and money easily with a full-service solution, mainly if you are a first time seller.

4 - Show The Best

The way your equipment looks can either discourage buyers or attract higher offers. Before you put the equipment for sale, consider refurbishing the used equipment. Refurbishing can include cleaning, glasswork, upholstery repair, painting, or everything in the refurbishing options. Typically, refurbishing is a small investment that gets you big returns.

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5 - Target Your Buyers

Try to target the most equipment buyers you can, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Work with an equipment seller that not only actively works with a large population of equipment buyers, but targets its marketing efforts based on the industry, your equipment is best suited towards and the region in which there is the most demand.

6 - Be Transparent In Your Approach

Provide detailed photos and information about your equipment. Include photos documenting the condition of the undercarriage, engine compartment, cab interior, etc. If you are using a selling agent or bidding company, choose one that publishes detailed equipment info online and also arranges on-site inspections.

7 - Screen Buyers

When you receive a satisfying offer, the last thing you want is for the deal to be completed. Screen potential buyers before you accept any offer or work with an agent who verifies the legitimacy of potential buyers on your behalf.

8 - Establish a Relationship for Future Deals

If you have a fleet that you will be turning over every 3-5 years, or predict the need to upgrade equipment in 5-10 years, make a good reputation with the prospective buyers and sales executives. The more you work together, the better your representative will understand your business and be able to get you the best results.

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