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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

5 Easy Car Maintenance Tips Women Should Know

In Today’s world constant care is required for your used cars to keep them like a new one. So we are providing you with easy maintenance tips that should be known by everyone and will definitely be proven useful for women.

(Image Source: caqu.co.uk)

Change the Flat Tire: There are a lot of chances of coming across a flat tire.  Even greater than most of the mechanical issues but what’s worse than getting a flat tire is waiting on the help of someone to come and change it for you. So it’s better to learn changing tire by yourself to save your time and moreover you won’t have to depend on someone.

Change the worn out wipers: Wiper blades must be changed every six months. Check for cracks frequently, and remember to clean the dirty wiper blades with a wet paper towel.

Regular Maintenance: It is important to get yourself familiarized with the cars user manual booklet. Whether you buy used or new you should always research beforehand to educate yourself about certain important things. For Instance-:

o    Oil change: Every 3000 miles with oil filter
o    Under the hood: Check as frequently as possible. Once a week or in every 2 weeks.
o    Tire rotation: Rotate the tires every 6,000 miles following the manufacturers’ rotation suggestion. If you have a matching spare, include it too in the rotation pattern so when it is time for change, it will run smooth and last long.
o    Align & Balance: Have your car checked after every 10k-12k miles or the first time you notice any unusual steering or a vibration while speeding.
o    Tune up, Filters and Timing belts: Make sure you follow up with manufactures recommendations

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Fuel: Regular fuel is satisfactory for most subcompact cars and SUV’s but for the luxury vehicles, like Cadillac, Mercedes, Audi premium fuel is always recommended. The heavier the load inside of the car, the more power the engine will need to move the car. Weight indeed affects your fuel too. If you are traveling with lots of people or toting around luggage, expect your fuel to run out a little sooner. Nonetheless, having your fuel limit at the half or above will allow your car to run a bit smoother.

Brakes are most important: We get caught up in our day to day habits so much that we don’t pay attention to our car until there’s a major issue. One thing that can cost you a lot if not caught beforehand is brakes. Always pay attention to the sound your breaks make while driving. If you begin to hear squealing, it’s probably the right time to change your pads. Always be aware that while driving stay another car distance behind the car which is in front of you so when it comes time to stop, you will easily be able to do it. Don’t drive so close that you have to slam on your breaks every other second also texting while driving also causes sudden brake slam so it’s better to keep your phone out of your hands).

If you take care of your car properly, your car will take care of you. If your car doesn’t have a lot of issues to deal with you can avoid recurring huge expenses. So its better to do some research, read your manual beforehand.

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