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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Want To Keep Your Car In Your Possession And Not In Thieves’? Read This!

We are pretty sure, that you’ve put a lot of work, money and effort into acquiring your beloved car and you obviously don't want someone to take it. We understand how buying new or used car, can be a big investment for you, thereby we at Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) has brought this blog to help you out in keeping your car safe and secure from being stolen.

Theft of your beloved asset may sound like your worst nightmare come true, but the fact is, car theft is a big business in India. Auto theft is a national-level racket that runs into crores of rupees.

So, let’s read about some gadgets which you can use to keep you car in your possession.

1.Set Car Alarm
One advantage of car alarms is that they make it harder for a car thief to operate anonymously. Thieves don’t want attention. Thereby end up bypassing a car with an alarm for a vehicle without one.

2.Steering Wheel Lock Bar
A steering wheel lock bar slides over the steering wheel and locks in place, preventing a thief from being able to turn the wheel.

3.Kill Switch
A kill switch works either as a stand-alone device or with an alarm system. When a thief tries to start the car without a key, the kill switch cuts off the fuel to the car or shuts off the electrical system, preventing the thief from taking the car anywhere.

4.Brake Lock
A brake lock works by attaching to your brake pedal and locking behind it, making it impossible to suppress the brake until the device is removed. It is made out of hardened metal as well, making it difficult to cut.

5.Tracking Device
A tracking device uses GPS technology to follow your car after it is stolen, aiding in its recovery. Also, having a sticker on the car advertising the tracking device acts as a deterrent because thieves don’t want the hassle of trying to deactivate it and don’t want to risk capture by stealing a car that police can track.

Car theft is a serious problem, so always lock all your doors, keep your windows up and follow basic common sense whenever leaving your vehicle. Additional security measures do help prevent your car from being stolen, but only if you use them consistently and in the way they are intended.

These key points go for cars of any and every make & model. We are glad to help you be precautious to keep your car safe and secure from thieves. If this blog was of any help, Visit your nearby Automall or our website www.samil.in , to learn more about such Tips and Tricks in detail, at the same time Acquire and Dispose usedvehiclesandequipment at optimal prices. Register yourself by clicking the link or downloading our app.

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