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Friday, 3 February 2017


Need to exchange or dispose pre-owned vehicles & equipments?

SHRIRAM AUTOMALL is the place to look forward to.

The company provides great platforms through their different bidding strategies one of which is Online Bidding commencing to make bidding easily accessible for its customers.

Online Bidding turned up to be a responsible catalyst especially for people who find it difficult to be personally available at the Automall for large scale physical bidding events organized by Shriram Automall.

Being a regular customer I am glad to state that their understated presence at the right time with the right schemes propagated me along with them. I am Sameer Kumar (28) a farmer (as my father left me a ‘profession’ as a family legacy) from a village in Bihar. I found myself engaged in ‘farming’ since I was 8 with my father , my life was all caught up in its own regime until I came in contact with SAMIL. I financed a tractor from SAMIL 4 years ago and now I am the owner of a big farm field and a lot ofequipments.

The result oriented SAMIL employee introduced me to the diversified online strategies company offers making me pay my dues easily without stepping out of my home while introducing me to the Online Bidding not only of vehicles but also of latest agricultural equipments paving the way for me to be the owner of all the latest equipments and vehicles I needed making cultivation, irrigation easy and less time consuming that too at affordable prices.

SAMIL’s Online Bidding has been a life transforming experience for me as with all the advance new ways of business they introduced me to helped me evolve my livelihood both personally and professionally. Not just me it has turned lives of many people like me, upside down with just one touch. All the interested buyer has to do is show their interest in the equipment or the vehicle and bid the price for it. SAMIL providing the complete transparency among the buyer and the seller while negotiating the price closes the deal leading to timely delivery.

All the efforts and actions SAMIL’s employees make are directed to help their customers live the dream they desire for themselves and I can feel that whenever I deal with SAMIL. As I saw nothing but the complete attainment of what I always wanted when SAMIL employees considered my dream as their own.

 As Sameer Malhotra (Director & CEO, Shriram Automall) says coming together is the beginning, staying together leads to progress, and working together helps attain success while motivating each other to go far.


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