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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tips on how to maintain a tractor

A tractor when purchased has to be maintained really well in order to get the maximum out of it and increase its life by couple of extra years.

Step 1 – Study the Manual
The manufacturer has already laid down basic steps on how to take care of your tractor, read those expert steps to begin with. Here are the points to look out for in the manual:
  Maintenance Schedule – This will give you the exact time for routine interval including engine, transmission and hydraulic oil change.


  Specification – a table format arrangement to give you the detailed information about the type of fluid for transmission, hydraulic system, brakes, and engine coolant etc.

Step 2 – Protect the Tractor Well
In case of small farms & gardens they do not have the cabin to protect the seats, instrument panel & other metal components. It’s a good idea to park your tractor under shade or at least protect it from rains.

Step 3 – Check Fluids Regularly
Tractor usage is always measured in hours not in miles, so the actual amount of use may be deceptive. Check the user manual on how each fluid is checked. Check the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant in the radiator, hydraulic oil, and battery electrolyte.

Step 4 – Keep an eye on belts and hoses
Your tractor may be fitted with hydraulic system & it may have high pressure hoses and failure of this fluid instrument can cause component (hydraulic pump) failure. If fittings or connections are leaking, tighten them or replace the seals.

Step 5 – Obtain the tools
Tractor maintenance requires numerous wrenches and other tools in larger sizes than for automobile maintenance, so plan to buy or borrow the tools you need.
With this effective tractor maintenance tips we are sure your tractor will live the extra life & give you good returns.

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