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Monday, 14 December 2015

How to Rotate the Tires?

It’s important for every driver to know, how to rotate the tires, therefore we are giving you a brief description about rotating the Tires. The knowledge for rotating the tires is a good skill to have. Rotating the tires is important because all the tires wear differently depending on their position on your car. By rotating your tires, you can make them last much longer and save some money for yourself.

(Image Source: aa1car.com)

Rotate Tires

• Before you begin lifting your car, make sure that you are on the flat, level surface and engage the parking brake.  You can place blocks of bricks at the back the tire which will be on the ground surface.

• Prior to raising the car, loosen the lug nuts by using a torque wrench so that it is easier to take off once the car is off the ground.

• Use your car jack to raise the car and place the jack stand under the tire and lower down the car. Be careful and do not go under the car. It obviously takes time to decide which side to lift up first. It is possible that you might have to lift and lower the car multiple times.

• Once you have rotated the tires, you should ensure that the lug nuts are screwed back onto the tire properly. Lug nuts will stay in the same location on the car rather than with the same tire. Put them back using the start process. This means once you tighten one nut, tighten the one across from it, & continue the pattern.

• Lower the car back to the ground & remove the jack after lowering it too.

• Learning to rotate the tires will save you a lot of money as well as increase the life of the tires. After you have learnt to change, it will not take you more than 20 min to change the tire. Once you are well versed with changing the tires, you can use it to change tires when they get flat. It is very simple to learn to rotate tires and it has many benefits.

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