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Sunday, 27 December 2015

6 Tips to Remember While Driving on Hilly Region

As Holiday Season is around, people tend to visit hilly regions to experience calm and chilly environment. Most of them drive themselves to the place and driving in mountain regions is not that complicated & difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is get familiar with the conditions there & take a few precautions while driving in hilly areas. Here we present you some safety tips that will prove to be very useful while driving on hilly area:

(Image Source: carvila.com)

1- Fuel Tank Must be Full

In most of the hilly regions of the country, petrol pumps get closed by almost 7pm in the evening. Thus, the finest safety measure to be taken while driving in hilly areas is to keep an eye over the fuel meter & also keep extra fuel in your car in case of emergencies.

2 - Rains Are Not Always Fun

Yes, it seems fun with rains especially when you are with family & friends. However the reality is quite different and little negligence from your end might land you in a big problem. Visibility becomes the biggest issue closely followed by extremely slow speed, muddy terrains & foggy roads. The great way to handle the situations is to keep your vehicle well tuned and drive as slow as likely to avoid forth mentioned problems.

3 - Always Start Early

There are mainly 2 reasons for why you should know this driving tip for hilly areas. There is no doubt that early mornings are extremely calming and beautiful in hilly regions. Secondly, night time driving is the most appalling idea because of narrow uneven roads and foggy atmosphere.

4 - The Art of Shifting Gears

If you are descending towards downhill, stay off the brakes as much as possible and try to shift into a lower gear. Try not to hit the brakes very hard & very soon because in the process you might be at the risk of locking them. Always go for a lower gear when you need to go uphill & also before a curve or riding a slope, just to get improved engine compression.

5 - Lighting is Important

If you are driving in night time you need to be extra careful about keeping your car lighted and bright. The purpose of this vain exercise will be more about being seen by others than noticing others so as to avoid any fatal accidents.

6 - Carry Food and Medicines Along

This is supremely imperative because you will not find a road-side food booth or dhaba from where you can have a quick meal. You can feel hungry at any time. So, food must be in abundance. As for medicines, this does not require any explanation. Have a Happy Journey.

So get a used car for yourself at Shriram Automall this holiday season and get set for a ride on hills. Acquiring second hand cars and other used commercial vehicles is easy for you if you connect with Shriram Automall as they provide you with wide variety of vehicles and equipment. You can also submit your requirement here to get a call back to assist you further.


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