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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Monsoon Automotive Care Tips

Who doesn’t like Monsoon? Almost everybody does! Am I Right?
But do you know, where Monsoon bring chills, it also brings majority of road accidents. Controlling the rains is not in our hands and we don’t really even want to control it. So, what we can do is take good care of our vehicle to be prior ready for what this beautiful season might bring in our way.
Today Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) will be covering some of the most important vehicle care tips for monsoon or rainy season that will not only help you drive safely but also help keep the vehicle’s condition well throughout the season.
The drastic variation in the environment with the kind of roads and traffic sense that we have in our country make these months the most challenging antagonist to our Vehicles.
The reason why we need to take extra care of the vehicle we own or take some preventive measures is because there are several factors which make driving unsafe during rains which include poor visibility, slippery road surface, more potholes develop on roads in rainy season, water logging on roads, chances of water or mud sticking to vehicle’s underbody causing corrosion, loss in braking effectiveness, etc.
So to avoid these things from happening to your beloved vehicle lets go through the tips and tricks that you can follow:
ü  Tyres
Check the air pressure in your vehicle’s tyres, as the temperature swings in day and night, it can cause your tires to lose pressure very quickly.

ü  Wipers And Washer
Wiper blades have a tendency to wear out quite fast. Do get the wiper blades checked/changed before the monsoons begin. Also, do check the wipers for proper functioning at all speeds

ü  Brakes
Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of a vehicle. Do get the brake fluid levels checked. Brakes lines should be checked too to ensure there is no air/water ingress. And also make sure to keep regular check on your brakes.

ü  Body
Do not let water, rainwater included, sit on your vehicle. It will adversely affect your vehicle’s paint.
In rainy season handling paint of your vehicle can be pretty difficult. Thereby we advise you to use wax polish that will help you form a thin, protective layer on your vehicle’s paint.

ü  Electricals
If you see any loose or weak electrical connections, patch them up. Make sure external wires are insulated. Also, ensure that all the fuses are working fine and do carry some extra fuses.

ü  Interiors
At times, water flows into the cabin area and damages the carpets and flooring. Place another set of mats (old mats) so that they soak up the dirty water. It is better to use fabric mats instead of rubber mats.

ü  Wheel alignment
 Make sure your wheels are properly aligned to avoid any imbalance.

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