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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


With the growing demand of commercial vehicles in India, we can consider that commercial vehicles (CV) play quite a vital role in growth of Indian Economy. Rules & laws do play an important role in their growth, but not that much as no matter what, commercial vehicles are going to be in demand for import and export purposes, as they are the best choice in disguise for transportation especially in areas where no other mode of transport could easily reach.

Because of the important role that, commercial vehicles play in Indian Economy, government can never put them off roads, though CV also plays the major role in air pollution. So, government has made it mandatory for all Automobiles including Commercial Vehicles of all types i.e. small, medium and heavy to be BS-IV compliant from April’2017 in India which will specify a certain limit on the pollutants released.

Engine of a commercial vehicle in layman’s term is synonymous to that of the human heart. So, it needs to be healthy and fit, so that it could work wonders for the rest of the body. But due to the peak load & base load, engine of a commercial vehicle becomes the most abused part of the vehicle body.

Therefore, engine has become the part, which since its existence has kept designers, manufacturers, integrators and testers busy, so that they could help this specific part to develop with time & speed. However, Modern diesel engines are lighter and more powerful, fuel efficient and environment-friendly.

Still with BS-IV coming in, there are two proven approaches to gear up for the change of CV. They are:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment approach
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst or open filter

To keep the engine affordable, components are to be kept simple. Further complexity comes into play with the combustion chamber and maintenance of temperatures, charge cycles and electrification.

But BS-IV, being mandatory for CV vehicles will turn out to be a game changer as it will both increase its on road worth & will also make it last long with benefits like reduction in fuel consumption and more mileage.

Sameer Malhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall) said: “Commercial Vehicles being an important automobile invention play an important part in all the efficient segments in India i.e. construction, agriculture, import-export etc. Government has taken an effective step by updating them to BS-IV emission norms, which will increase both their engines life & worth”

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) being the no.1 service provider of used vehicles & equipment has updated their vast inventories with used vehicles & equipments of every make & model compliant with current emission norms.

If you as well are looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle & equipment, you can visit your nearby Automall and go through their efficiently vast inventory.  You can also download “MY SAMIL App” and easily go through the huge range of used vehicles & equipment at your comfort or you can simply click the link below & register yourself.
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