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Sunday, 9 October 2016


When you hear the word roadster, what strikes your mind? an open-top car with two seats or a bike making rocketing sound on empty road or a horse riding on the road. To me it’s simply a feeling of driving the car of my choice on a long highway with good music and friends.

The time when I perused a job I knew my roadster dream is on a verge of being realized, however I knew that at this point of time I simply cannot afford a new car of my choice. What I did next just changed the way I use to think about pre-owned cars.

From the word go I knew that I need a car that is fast, comfortable, gives good mileage and is equipped with latest technology, so I decided the brand and model that I wanted. I went to some of my nearby car dealers to check the model and get the idea about its price.

A friend of mine suggested to check online and by just typing the words ‘pre-owned cars in Delhi’ I was thrown with a number of websites offering  the best used cars at competitive price, but what really got my attention was this website called ‘bids.samil.in’. The variety was great and quite aptly suited my choice as well. So, I decided to participate in one of their online bidding events.

The online used car bidding experience was just so thrilling. I had chosen my car and the moment bidding started on it, I simply stuck myself on a chair and played the bid game. I had to win it; so I ensured my bid to be the highest. And yes, it made me the winner of my chosen used car. It has been a year that I am the owner of that second hand car.

Now I take pride in owning the car of my choice and the price of my liking through Shriram Automall.

“At SAMIL, we give utmost importance to our online presence through bids.samil.in for the used cars segment. Those huge physical marketplaces are gradually shifting to the world of internet and we are eyeing at a leading position within the space.” – Mr. Sameer Malhotra, CEO, SAMIL  


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