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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Top Tips for Eco-Friendly Driving

Those days are gone, when we were enjoying technological advances at the cost of nature, now need of the hour is to adopt eco friendly measures. We all have to take necessary steps for finding the much needed eco-friendly tips which will not harm the environment anymore and also compensate for the damage that has been made in the past.

Even while driving; it is important for us to follow the eco-friendly tips as, now government is also coming up with various initiatives to lower the occurrence of harmful emissions. Along with Odd/Even measure to lower the traffic and pollution in Delhi-NCR area we are providing the eco-friendly tips for driving. Let’s get together and make our earth a better place to live by taking the first step of following these tips:

(Image Source: www.ecologistnews.com)

1. Lower the load in and on your car.  If you are going for a camping trip or mountain climbing, carry only the things that are of greatest importance.

2. Instead of using Petrol or Diesel vehicles, try and adopt the CNG vehicles which are environment friendly. If you succeed in bringing it in practice, you will be inspiring others also for taking a step ahead towards a greener tomorrow.

3. Do not use air conditioner, unless the temperatures and humidity levels are crossing your toleration limits. It’s better to be exposed to natural air rather than using air conditioner.

4. Always keep a check on your speed limit, extreme speed always leads to more burning of fuel hence more emissions. Also, try to avoid recurrent acceleration and braking, it reduces fuel efficiency & also puts extra pressure on engine.

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5. Go for car servicing regularly without missing. Well-maintained parts last longer and ensure better fuel as well as engine efficiency.

6. Car pooling is the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint. Give your neighbor, colleague and friends a lift or ask for one. You’ll save on petrol as well as reduce traffic on the road.

7. Also wash your car in an eco-friendly way. Washing on the grass instead of driveway will save water as well from wastage. Use a trigger-type hose attachment to reduce water usage. Also, use bio-degradable & eco-friendly products.

8. Do not use vehicle for shorter distances, instead go by foot or by bicycle. This will reduce the harmful emissions and also make you healthy and fit.

You can also own used cars in India or any other used vehicle at very affordable price and that too which is eco-friendly. CNG fitted vehicles are easily at Shriram Automall India Limited, where you can even dispose your old and used vehicles and exchange it for a more eco-friendly vehicle. Huge Collection of pre-owned vehicles and equipment is available for customers to choose from that too along with facilities of Parking, Insurance, and Finance & Refurbishment.


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