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Sunday, 15 November 2015

Planning A Long Road Trip – Have A Look At These Tips For Truckers

It’s a mid afternoon of a beautiful day at work when you receive a business call asking you to delivering goods at a distant location. Being a smart truck driver you thought to plan your trip according to your abilities and itinerary for effective time management and for a stress-free journey.

There are a lot of consequences for not planning a trip like over fueling, not finding convenient truck stops for meals or night-time resting, travelling through unknown and unsafe areas, not knowing where repair shops are located, and late delivery which will shatter your reputation.

1. Set your truck speed – Finding out your truck’s maximum speed & set a speed to cover desired distance per hour is a wise decision. You also need to consider time for stopovers like eating, fueling, toll plaza crossing etc. of course unforeseen situations like bad traffic & weather may reduce the total distance covered.

2. Set a goal for daily stops – Long distance truckers’ needs to plan their daily stops effectively. It is important to decide in advance the time and location for the stops. Weather, traffic volume and delays, terrain, and border crossings are the factors that are needed to be considered.

3. Plan Your Fuel Stops – Refueling is important and what’s more important is to decide your fuel stops well in advance. This will not only ensure that you are prepared in advance but also will save a lot of your money.

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4. Know where essential services are located – It is recommended that you move through the routes where you can easily find essential services of good restaurants, parking, good truck stops, repair shops etc. Knowing where essential services are located can help you plan your stopovers in advance, and provide confidence and a sense of security during long trips.

5. Keep a check on weather reports – Having a complete understanding of the weather conditions of all the areas you have to cover during the course of your journey will be very useful. Having knowledge of the weather beforehand can prevent accidents and save precious time.

6. Take elemental necessities on your journey – Planning for road trip is not as difficult as it may seem. Cell phones, truck routing software, exit books, online resources for truck locations, groceries and services, and navigational tools such as GPS, map book, etc. and other elemental necessities are important to have a smooth road trip.

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